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We've been building Symfony apps since version one. Trust knowledge and experience when it comes to crafting your next project.

Symfony is an impressive PHP web application framework, and an even more impressive community of open source developers. We are proud to be part of the community that develops applications with the world's best PHP framework.

For those in the know, Symfony is fast, stable, mature, and complete. You can build anything with it. While many younger developers may prefer Javascript-based technologies today, we find that no Javascript-based system has yet proven the maturity, staying power, and diversity of capability as PHP and Symfony.

These days, we often build our API driven backends using Symfony. The Symfony community has put together API Platform, a collection of Symfony components and other integrated tools that enable rapid API development.

Whether you're building an API or a traditional web application, Symfony and its collection of modules is worthy of consideration for your platform.

Consult with Endertech, a group of Symfony experts, to help you decide the best platform for your project.


Symfony Project Types

These are some project types we commonly develop with Symfony.

Featured Symfony Projects

A Safe Refuge
A case study showing how a custom software for small business increased productivity between multiple departments and locations.
Image of eLearning screenshot showing a course test and answer reviews.
Web Development
Civil PE Surveying Review and Endertech work to build a custom administrative backend to manage and control the learning center.
A happy family sitting on a bed in a stylishly decorated bedroom.
Mattress Warehouse had an omnichannel vision to connect their in-store experience with their online experience. Using headless technology through Shopify Hydrogen, we crafted a system integrating a new website with a custom in-store app for their sales reps
A stylized illustration of different types of devices connected to a cloud that provides many different services.
When approaching Endertech, Conduit Transcriptions presented a problem with organization and speed of producing legal transcriptions for their team. Endertech built a custom middleware to organize legal transcriptions and integrate with speech-to-text software to rapidly produce documents.
Image showing a classroom of students with their hand raised and a female teacher in front of a whiteboard.
A case study for custom learning management system development for a startup. An ecommerce web app designed for robust content distribution.
Animated image showing a group of people gifting money as a form of crowdfunding into a box.
Web Development
A case study demonstrating how Endertech developed a customized crowdfunding platform to suit Crimso's unique vision.
Image of a group of business people meeting and discussing customer software development.
A case study for developing custom educational software. Organized project management and skillful developers result in satisfied users.
Image of city hall building with glass windows on the front.
Web Development
Case study for an online searchable database website that focuses on large public data and a custom Stripe subscription payment system.
Image of laptop with programming code on the screen and Capital Coding Management logo on the side.
A real-life case study for Data Entry Software. The successful results of introducing custom business automation software.
Secure and constant data transfer through API calls used for sending registered test kits and final results to customers.
See how Endertech helped TrueMarker take advantage of technological advances that are reshaping the lab testing industry and launch its remote lab testing services.
Screenshot of the California New Business Bureau's software interface.
Workflow Management System. A case how a custom database solution increases productivity, security & safety for large and growing datasets.
Trax Foundation
Learn the details of Trax Foundation's crowdfunding platform. A case study for a custom crowdfunding platform with a unique CMS integration.
Picture a fireman with fire gear on and a mask walking in front of a building.
Database and software developers create a system to manage end to end operations for this successful small business.
Image of a manufacturing line pumping out baking batter onto a baking dish.
Learn how Endertech elevated Bakon USA's online presence and focused its messaging, resulting in the generation of hundreds of new leads.
A screenshot of some backend programming language for software development.
A computer inventory analysis system that informs entire States whether they’re ready for Common Core testing.
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Endertech understood our vision and deployed exactly what we needed.
Endertech was honest and straightforward.
We trust that their team will always make the right decisions for us.
I measure success by virtue of the fact that our team uses the software every day.
Lisa Duque
Operations Manager
California New Business Bureau
Stephen Ramey
Today's Patio
Catherine Haight
Managing Member
Ashbury Systems, LLC
Angela Tietze
President & CEO
ECN Media

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