Custom educational software for executive administrators to plan students' learning environment.

Project Summary

The Future Ready Schools Interactive Planning Dashboard is a reporting & planning tool for our nation’s Superintendents and their teams.


With about 30 days notice, hit a hard deadline to deploy an interactive planning tool that:

  • Automates retrieval of data from a 3rd party survey system API from Verint
  • Enables administrators to define report logic
  • Provides administrators a CMS for general website content
  • Delivers users a sophisticated reporting system that summarizes survey responses
  • Enables users to create action plans in response to the reports


With highly focused and organized project management, coordinate a team of 4 developers in an agile process, to build interdependent components of the system in parallel, gluing them together and rapidly refactoring through a series of weekly sprints.

Flex with the client as requirements rapidly evolve… work nights and weekends if you have to… near immediate responsiveness.


A delivery right on the money, of the highly functional system as originally imagined, in time for the initial convention. A warm reception from stakeholders, and many satisfied users.