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Endertech has helped dozens of furniture and mattress retailers build effective online stores and omnichannel experiences. Here are some winners.
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A case study showing how Endertech continues to help Terra Outdoor's online business operate smoothly by providing critical Shopify support and custom software to integrate the flow of data with their STORIS ERP.
A happy family sitting on a bed in a stylishly decorated bedroom.
A case study showing how Endertech continues to help Mattress Warehouse develop their omnichannel strategy with innovative use of headless e-commerce technology on top of Shopify. Website & and in-store tablet app combine to capture customers and keep them coming back.
Image of a modern outdoor living space with a sofa and lounge chair.
A case that shows the benefits of an ERP Shopify Middleware using Storis to speed up business operations. eCommerce software integration.
Natural Curiosities
A Magento eCommerce site design that delivers an immersive art studio experience with a manageable backend ready for fast updates, product management and retail marketing.
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Why Endertech

Unlock Your Furniture Ecommerce Potential With Experienced Developers

We specialize in e-commerce for furniture and mattress retailers. We understand the unique challenges involved with large catalogs, "try in store", pickup, and large item shipping.

3 Reasons To Enhance Your Furniture Ecommerce Store

Thoughts on Furniture Ecommerce

Storis and Shopify
Do you run a furniture business that utilizes the STORIS ERP? Are you interested in using Shopify as your e-commerce platform? You can integrate the two via API and we know how! Learn more here.
Amazon BOPIS API Integration
Endertech has integrated the new Amazon BOPIS API with the ERP / POS from a major mattress retailer. Learn the details in this story.
An image highlighting what the article is about; how to create a segmentation strategy in Klaviyo.
Discover the most effective segmentation strategies in Klaviyo and the best practices for delivering targeted and relevant messages that drive maximum impact.
Shopify Hydrogen for Headless E-Commerce
Learn a bit about Headless E-commerce with Shopify Hydrogen. Check out one of our recent projects using this technology.
Image icon with the words "Storis + Amazon".
We integrated our client's Amazon Seller Central account with STORIS using the Amazon Selling Partner API. Here's the story.

Painless Furniture Ecommerce Websites

Endertech has your back. We know updating a furniture Ecommerce store seems daunting, as it involves research of different technologies and system experts to sync them together. Endertech makes this process seamless for furniture retailers, managers, or founders, who should focus on other core areas of their business.

With 20+ years of development experience, our proven method of developing e-commerce websites helps furniture retailers jump-start their new or existing businesses. Our team frees you from the technicalities of setting up an online store. Whether you’re expanding your business with ShopifyMagentoAmazon, or BigCommerce, we have the experience to put your business on solid technology.

Our Approach

Successful Furniture Ecommerce Websites: Results-Driven Approach

It takes more than technically-proficient software developers to build functional and engaging e-commerce stores. Our decades-worth experience helps furniture retailers combine technological tools with practical industry requirements. We approach furniture store web design by focusing on three critical components:

Platform integration

Frontend platforms like AmazonShopify, and WooCommerce let you quickly set up an online furniture store. However, integrating with 3rd party platforms, particularly one that requires programming skills, can be a daunting affair. For example, integrating STORIS with Amazon or Shopify requires custom coding that allows both platforms to exchange data. Each store is different and proper programming is important.Successful platform integration needs a perfect understanding of data structure, protocols, and software best practices. It’s most important to customize the integration to the retailer’s business requirements. We have helped furniture retailers integrate STORIS with various frontend platforms. Read our  Shopify STORIS integration case study.

Furniture store catalog data

We future-proof your furniture ecommerce website with well-designed and ideal catalog data. E-commerce websites rely on standardized data structures to store, organize and manage inventories, pricing, and sales data. It’s pivotal to prevent costly database and software redesign due to oversight in the data structure requirements. This saves furniture store owners money and time!Endertech has designed catalog data structures for unique and grouped product inventory management for various furniture retailers. We take into account product variations, trends, evolvement, and other factors to introduce flexibility into the database design and application variables. Our approach ensures seamless product data migration between old and new e-commerce platforms.

Inventory tracking

Our e-commerce system helps furniture retailers monitor and manage inventory movement. Every piece of furniture that passes through checkpoints in your store is precisely tracked in our software. This ensures that all transactions are well-accounted for and helps you to optimize expenses when restocking inventories.We meticulously streamline the tracking mechanisms for both frontend and backend processes. For example, products are automatically tagged when customers place an order via the payment page. Meanwhile, the backend application updates the product status to accounting, procurement, and warehouse departments when packed, shipped, and delivered to the destination.


Your Furniture Ecommerce Transformation Starts Here

Say goodbye to tallying sales invoices or ticking off checkboxes when inspecting warehouses. Endertech is ready to help you shift seamlessly into the e-commerce landscape. We support customers throughout the development stage and see ourselves as long-term technological partners. Get in touch with us with your project requirements or ask our team members anything about setting up an e-commerce platform for your business.

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