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    No matter the size of your company or revenue, WordPress has a lot to offer. But partnering with the right WordPress Agency simplifies the path to a successful project. To start, we advocate picking a WordPress web design company with a successful track record with experience in various web technologies.

    There are plenty or WordPress resources to help you along the way if you won’t be hiring a company for entry-level web development. Plus, there are success stories if you’re planning for a DIY WordPress project.

    Below are answers to popular questions to help you get started!

    Why Endertech?

    Among several specialties as a technology company since 2000, Endertech is an expert-level WordPress agency based in Los Angeles. Designing and developing WordPress websites spans our large portfolio since WordPress was launched in 2003. Our WordPress portfolio includes basic and custom websites across many industries. Sincerely put, WordPress is in our “company DNA” since the early beginnings.
    See Portfolio Examples

    Who is WordPress for?

    WordPress is best used as a Content Management System. This means that it’s great for creating and managing a content database for your website. This is why companies and organizations who look to provide their users with marketing or informational content with small ecommerce features prefer WordPress over other platforms.

    You’re probably asking what type of content is best? Well, this can include a service you provide that doesn’t solely depend on sales through your website. For instance, WordPress is highly popular for writers and popular blogs. WordPress makes it efficient to create custom posts and manage rich media content to attract new readers, advertisers and earn contract work from the large amount of content that’s hosted on their WordPress site.

    Other easy examples include an accounting firm or a non-profit organization. They can both market their services which are mostly conducted offline. By producing relevant articles and pages of information, they can market their services, portfolio and credentials to drive traffic and a potential demand for their services.

    How much is a WordPress website?

    For many entrepreneurs, this question belongs at the top of the list. Rightfully so, price is the deciding factor for a lot of development decisions. After all, before moving forward with a plan, it has to be financially within reach.

    The best way to answer this question is with another question – How custom and unique will your site need to be? This type of question gets ideas churning even for the most experienced WordPress experts. As a company, you’re constantly trying to separate yourself from the competition. This is where customization comes in.

    Here are questions that help our clients identify priorities that affect price:

    • Do you have existing digital assets, like images, designs and logos to incorporate?
    • Do you have any existing wireframes of your webpages?
    • Will there need to be different types of content, like audio or video?
    • Will it include integrations like subscriptions or logins for users?
    • Do you have existing content to properly fill your website?
    • Will you include payment processing?

    All of these and many more, highly dictate price. Usually, more customization equals higher costs. If you don’t know all the answers, don’t panic, we help you through this in our Planning Phase. With an expert WordPress web design company, short and long term costs are minimized with clean code and expert design.

    Why WordPress?

    • Look polished

      Outdated web design can mislead users about your brand. This negatively impacts perceptions of your product and services. As your dedicated WordPress agency we can help your WordPress design look modern via use of efficient development practices, and always optimized for mobile.

    • Flexible

      A CMS like WordPress is very versatile. With customizable plugins, we build your site to function as you envision. We’ll train you how to update your WordPress website so you can make simple changes and content updates as desired.

    • Ready to grow

      With a WordPress web design company, your site will be easier to upgrade with future technologies. Eliminate the worry about rebuilding a site that wasn’t coded well. Our developers use clean WordPress code and design techniques for easier future edits. Saving you thousands more in the future!

    Can I migrate my website to WordPress?

    Yes! This is something that clients normally ask about. If you have an existing site, even on a different host or platform, this isn’t a problem.

    With successful WordPress migrations under our belt, you can trust the management, communication and security for you and your WordPress users will be protected from beginning to end. More importantly, a web migration will most likely see no interruption in your daily workflow.

    How long does a WordPress project take?

    This is another common question. But the previous question still applies – How custom will your site need to be? Or, if you’re curious about a web migration, is everything on your website designed and working properly?

    These are questions that need to be answered after some technical analysis. Another great reason why we have our Planning Phase. We find out everything, together.

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    Can Endertech get the job done right, on time, and on budget?

    If you’re reading this, you probably have two questions:

    • 1

      “Can Endertech build the functioning WordPress website that my company needs?”

    • 2

      “Can I rely on Endertech to get the job done and keep my team/clients happy?”

    Those are smart questions. Many clients come to us with these concerns.

    But, as much as we can tell you what we’ve done, it’s more helpful for you to see WordPress website examples of similar work completed so that you can see how we can help you.

    Because let’s be honest, all you want to know right now is, can Endertech, and will Endertech be able to build my vision?

    Here are a few projects that we’ve completed with our awesome clients.

    Do any of these look similar to what you want to create? If not, reach out to us with more information on your project and if we’ve worked on something similar- we’ll send you more information so you can see what that looks like.

    A Magento store that instantly communicates with third-party software and business applications.

    A custom Magento store to meet the high-level demands of an industry. We designed a custom Magento user-experience, implementing page caching, and crafting a unique Magento 2 ERP integration. Taking into consideration shipping logistics and a network of pick-up locations across the US, it was an ecommerce project that went beyond an online storefront. The store represents a complete system of functions that serve a purpose to the overall operation.

    Improve your clients’ online experience and your conversion rates.

    This art gallery shows you how effectively your ecommerce website’s virtual operations can run with Magento. Check out this intuitive and fast-loading site that connects consumers from a variety of industries with the art they want to buy.

    Easily manage a large product catalog with a Magento upgrade.

    For Wig Salon, a 30,000+ product catalog is nothing to worry about for this Magento upgrade. Also, the new custom Magento theme design included data refactoring and web extensions, which made shopping and data tracking faster and easier. All the upgrades contributed to growth in sales and  business efficiency.

    It’s not about where you are; it’s all about who you’re with.

    Have you ever met someone, instantly felt at ease, and realized you’d found a lifelong friend?

    “Very professional and easy to work with. Extremely knowledgeable, there was no question that we posed that they couldn’t readily answer. They built the entire back end for us and have continued to hold our hand as we tweak the system and look for better ways to deliver value to our clients. In my experience, it is hard to find a technically savvy company that also provides a personal touch. I would highly recommend them to anyone that requires web services.”

    Theodore Rosenthal

    Los Angeles, CA

    “Thank you again for fourteen years of great, uninterrupted service since 2005. A very, very special thanks to Sheila and Rob Olmos who learned the tangled backend and made the app run long after it should have died, and were so very patient with me, taking the time to explain the issues and potential pitfalls with an aging, unsupported system. You’re all such pros!”

    Julie Weinhouse

    HERO Entertainment Marketing

    “A big THANK YOU to Endertech for our new website! Having the staging site to practice changes before they went live was terrific. Best of all was teaching us how to update it on our own. Endertech made it all very easy for us!”

    Haight Law Group

    Los Angeles, CA

    Many of our clients tell us they’re surprised that working with Endertech gives them a sense of a conference room table connection without actually having to sit down together. That they felt in-person vibes while collaborating virtually. That sometimes, they forget we’re not sitting in the same room together as we’re connecting on the same emotional and intellectual levels to solve problems and create amazing websites.

    Our collaborations still feel warm and fuzzy despite the physical distance, because of the sincerity and emotional intelligence that our team members bring to every interaction.

    And since 2000, we’ve been helping people find the solutions they need – that’s right – we’ve been doing this for over 20 years!

    Can you see yourself laughing and collaborating with this fun group?

    Are you ready to get started, learn more, or ask us a few questions ?


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