Complex Crowdfunding + Robust Content Management

Project Summary:

The non-profit Trax Foundation came to us looking to develop a crowdfunding platform for people in need of assistive robotics.  Their goal was to give individuals who need assistive robotics a dedicated space to raise funds, plus a forum for connecting with one another and finding support.

Challenge: Creating a Complex Crowdfunding Platform, with a User-Friendly CMS

In addition to the crowdfunding capabilities, the Trax Foundation wanted a content management system in order to also easily add information and manage supplemental material on the site.

Solution: Combine Our Crowdfunding Platform with WordPress

Using our crowdfunding framework as the base, we integrated WordPress into the site to give the Trax Foundation the ability to control content on their site. We also went through a design workshop to give the site a custom look and feel in line with the Trax Foundation brand and identity.

Results: Seamless Content Management + Crowdfunding Success

The Trax Foundation crowdfunding platform is up-and-running, hosting several campaigns for individuals raising money for assistive technology.  With the seamless WordPress integration the staff at Trax Foundation can manage and update the content on the site without involving outside help.