A system to manage end-to-end operations for this successful small business.

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Professional Services
End-to-end business management software for NEFCO Fire Investigations
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Simple User Experience

Designed and implemented an Investigation Priority list & corresponding detail pages
  • Data is retrieved from a front end submit assignment form and displayed elegantly for multiple admin roles

  • Investigation Lists have over 30+ filters to allow the admins to query exactly what they are looking for quickly

  • Investigation Lists can easily be exported to a csv file for accurate reporting

  • Data is echoed from the list view to an organized Investigation detail page

  • Admins can manage documents, evidence, photos, and billing per investigation

  • Quick easy access for support to provide information to responsible parties

User Permissions

Created a secure user role based system to handle multiple permissions
  • Each role has a custom view for their specific work function

  • Allow Executives and team members to see sensitive data

  • Processes became automated between user roles. Alerts, emails, forms, documents, chain of custody evidence and notes correctly update through the life cycle of an Investigation

Profit & Loss Statements

Designed and integrated data into 5 metrics with multiple tabs per metric.
  • Allows Admins to view key metrics that drive business intelligence

  • Admins can adjust profit and loss statements, budgets, and operational resources with accurate year to year data comparisons

  • Admins can easily export reporting data to cleanly organized csv files

Time Booking System

Designed a custom interface for investigators to book time. Admins to create invoices directly from the investigators time entries.
  • Admins can easily filter investigations and create invoices by adding any time entries associated to that investigation

  • Admins can view the user, investigation ID, booking account, rates, time entry description, and other useful data for the invoice

  • Submitting an invoice directly integrates with QuickBooks. Within seconds an invoice is created and populated in Nefco’s QuickBooks File

Payroll Organization

Custom built an admin interface to manage internal staffs payroll.
  • Filter by staff name

  • Process Payroll in custom built pay periods

  • Review if staff has been paid correctly for billable work per investigation

Shared Calendar

Built a planner that would store multiple user events in a single calendar view
  • Today, Week, Month custom views

  • Displays all events created per user

  • Admins can quickly log in and view whom has court, depositions, events, trainings, and other important daily details

Team Members