Complex Crowdfunding Platform with Google Maps API Integration

Project Summary

When the founder of the Crimso crowdfunding platform came to us, she was looking for a low-cost solution to enable her to run a profitable crowdfunding business while serving the fundraising needs of her users. She also had some specific design ideas and needed to be able to incorporate those customizations into her platform.


Endertech has developed our own crowdfunding framework, but Crimso required some unique customizations. There was a unique on-boarding process and the design called for integration with the Google maps API. The site owner wanted users to be able to display and filter campaigns by geographic location.


Using our crowdfunding framework as the base, we went through a design workshop with the site owner to bring her ideas to life. We then implemented the design we had collaborated on and seamlessly integrated Google maps to add the geographical functionality she required.


Today Crimso is a thriving crowdfunding platform with many successfully-funded campaigns. Users are able to easily set up fundraising initiatives though the unique Crimso workflow and the platform owner and her team maintain minimal administrative overhead so they can focus on growing their user base.