Elevating a brand’s online presence and focusing its message generates hundreds of new leads.

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Information Architecture Restructuring for Bakon USA
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The Transition

The transition from merely being visible online to being a useful resource for lead generation took a combination of ingredients that lead to significant improvements.

Being and nothingness, when it describes a website, is not as contradictory as it sounds. For Bakon USA, which makes preparation equipment and applications for bakers, chocolatiers, and other food producers, its site was online for all to see. Yet visitors couldn’t find what they wanted to see. The information architecture was poor, the site was managed by the company’s overseas parent in the Netherlands, and leads were practically non-existent.

Bakon USA needed its own site. One that would be easy to find, easy to search, and very easy to manage. In-house staff would need to be able to analyze site activity and traffic patterns while managing site content.

CMS Development for the Win

Under its own BakonUSA.com domain, Endertech created a new content management system (CMS). It used Diem, a component of Symfony, which would give Bakon USA employees direct control of site content “in context” – right on the web page – without having to update it in a backend environment. What was done on the back end was an application to handle Bakon USA’s extensive product catalog. That let employees group and cross-reference products in multiple ways.

Technical SEO Solution

With Diem, which has built-in SEO capabilities, Endertech could also incorporate all the optimal keywords it had researched. They then integrated ClickTale, a cloud-based tool that uses visualization of in-page activity to deliver useful insights. Lastly, they added WebPosition, a group of tools for sorting and filtering SEO results, so Bakon USA could focus and then measure its ongoing SEO strategies.

More Leads Please

The now well-designed, user-friendly site provides simplified U.S.-based control of content. That immediately generated an average of six qualified leads a day. To further enhance results, Endertech is developing an interactive product configurator that engages potential customers, keeps them on the site longer, gives them real time images, and improves the likelihood of conversion. “Even over a weekend we’re getting requests for quotes from the site,” says Bakon USA president, Luc Imberechts. “Our business is essentially open even though we’re not there.”