The solar panel experience made easy for buyers and installers with software to connect all sides of the workflow.

Targeted processes, enhanced site capabilities, and more reliable operations helped scale this business.

Web infrastructure always affects performance, and it was certainly having an affect on our client. Pick My Solar is an online platform that lets homeowners learn about solar energy and get hassle-free bids from solar panel installers. The inefficiency of their website before partnering with Endertech was diminishing the company’s ability to meet its customers’ different objectives and scale up its business through its network of trusted installers.

Though Pick My Solar already had a marketing site, it needed to incorporate online workflows for two separate groups – consumers searching for information about solar panel installation and solar panel installers eager to bid on jobs. Pick My Solar had worked with another company on its graphic production, but it needed a more experienced technical partner to implement the design in a scalable way, make it responsive, automate workflows, and make it an intuitive experience for all users.

We engineered registration processes for homeowners and installers, built solar energy calculator to assist with lead generation and lead qualification,  and devised a bid analysis engine to automate the matching of homeowners to installers’ bids. This was all architected using Symfony, the standard on which PHP applications are built. Endertech also configured the server environment for maximum availability, durability, and scalability, monitoring it around the clock.

Since deploying the new Pick My Solar site with its bid generator, installer marketplace, and back-office system integration, thousands of visitors have used the bid generator and site visits have grown by more than 60%.There has been a steady increase in site visitors looking for solar bids and there has been an increase in prospects that have chosen to go solar.

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