Why Your Small Business Needs a Web Based Database

Every business requires information management systems. You have customer accounts, product and service information, support Q/A, news, promotions, suppliers, vendors, employee records, and more.  And they all need to be organized and easily accessible by your customers, employees and your management team.

A skilled and experienced web developer should be able  build you a cost efficient  web based database system to manage that information as well as integrate it with your website.   The result  will be an effective online representation of your business plus new opportunities for efficient communication and growth.  Compared with the traditional file cabinet, online information systems provide your business with time, space, and cost savings, while also providing unparalleled access and growth potential.

A web based database application is accessible from any Internet connected computer in the world. Location is no barrier to you, your employees, or your customers. A database can be searched and filtered to retrieve what you want in seconds. An online application program interface (“API“) can be integrated with transaction systems to provide what’s commonly called “e-commerce“.   The traditional file cabinet can’t provide you with any of these things.

Colorful image icons of data sets in a database being uploading to the cloud.

Cost Efficiency of Open Source Software

The bursting of the “dot-com bubble” in the early 2000’s left behind loads of technology designed to create online information systems.  Much of that technology is freely available and known today as “Open Source” software. Software technology built by people with a love of computers and a desire to share their knowledge and ability.

Open Source software is pervasive on the Internet.  Tech kings such as Microsoft do not rule in this realm. The majority of server software running the Internet is free Open Source software such as Linux, Apache, Perl, PHP, MySQL, and many more. Contrary to the admonishment that “You get what you pay for,” Open Source software is well-supported, fast and reliable.

By using Open Source software, a capable web developer should be  able to provide small and mid-sized companies sophisticated web applications that once were only affordable by enterprise class corporations. The spirit of sharing and mutual benefit represented by Open Source software is what allows web developers to provide businesses and organizations such cost saving information technology.

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