Complete Site Redesign with Facebook Group Integration

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Complete Site Redesign with Facebook Group Integration
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The Consolidation of Resources

TheAngryTherapist had vast amounts of content spread over several sources – WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.  The organization of the WordPress site needed clarification and the home page had no crawlable content for SEO.

Our challenge was to redesign the website so that it was on-brand with AngryTherapist’s personality and offerings, while making the site search-engine friendly, easy-to-navigate, and funnel users to help them find the content/services best for them.


Simplification through Design and Development

Endertech took AngryTherapist through our Design Workshop to come up with audience personas, style tiles, and a fresh design for the site.  We were able to give the site a very polished, professional look while still maintaining the badassery that is the AngryTherapist’s calling card.

Additionally, Endertech helped AngryTherapist implement private groups on Facebook to further enable connectivity, communication, and support between members.  This allowed AngryTherapist to forgo expensive development work to improve the message boards and made it much easier for members to interact.


Built for Results and Scalability

Since the launch of the new AngryTherapist website, traffic has increased, member sign-up has increased, and engagement has skyrocketed!

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