Juan Castillo - Endertech Creative Director

Juan Castillo
Joined Endertech
Primary Title
Creative Director
Secondary Title(s)
Lead Designer, Senior Developer, Frontend Specialist
About Me

I believe design is form in the service of function. I’m passionate about making the Internet more usable and accessible through good design.


B.A. in Art from Yale University, 2008


14 years' professional experience in Web Design & Development


UI/UX Design (Websites, Web Apps, Design Systems); Design Management; Frontend Web Development; Branding & Logo Design


Adobe Creative Suite (XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects); HTML/CSS + JavaScript; Shopify (Liquid, Hydrogen); Drupal (Twig, Custom Modules); WordPress

Articles by Juan Castillo
Text to Vector Graphic in Adobe Illustrator: First Impressions
Adobe Software
An overview and evaluation of Adobe Illustrator's new AI-powered Text to Vector Graphic tool, with illustrated examples, tips on how to use the feature, and ideas for how it can be used in a graphic design workflow.
Generative Fill in Adobe Photoshop: Real-World Use Case for the New AI-Powered Tool
Adobe Software
Adobe Photoshop's new Generative Fill tool, although imperfect, feels revolutionary, capable of creating impressively detailed and convincing imagery in seconds. In this article, we recap the new feature and provide a step-by-step visual demonstration of how it can be used to enhance client-provided assets for a web design project.
Chart showing the positive growth of Drupal over top 3 competitors.
Web Development
An article that compares popular Content Management System (CMS). More specifically, the deserving popularity of Drupal and what it can bring to your next development project.
Shopify Checkout
The Shopify checkout page works for most merchants’ needs, and there are multiple ways in which it’s been optimized for conversion.
We take a close look at some examples of what can be achieved with CSS3 gradients.
Edge Pay Gradients Blend Modes
We take a close look at some examples of what can be achieved with CSS3 gradients.
Atomic Design is getting a lot of attention in the UX/UI design world right now. What are the ideas behind this design philosophy, and are they really new?
The Logo Comes Last: Developing an Effective Brand Identity
My design team and I recently had the exciting opportunity to develop the brand identity for a new product from scratch. When our client, Global Electronic Technology, approached us with this project, their new product didn’t even have a name yet.