Hello from Gabriel Richards
Founder & CEO of Endertech

Gabriel Richards
Founder & CEO

Wow, thank you. No seriously… you’re taking the time to read this, and I think you deserve appreciation for clicking on my link! I am humbled by your interest in me and Endertech. 🙂

I started this company because I thought it would be the best way for me to make a positive impact in the community I love, Los Angeles, California, USA! I’m glad I did, because the experience has been very rewarding.

I love designing solutions, creating jobs, mentoring young professionals, collaborating with peers, sharing knowledge with clients, and in general, just helping everyone I encounter get closer to their goals.

Every day that I step back to consider it, I am amazed with what we’ve accomplished here at Endertech… having started in 2000 while in college from a bedroom in my parent’s house… to now a creative & technical agency that provides services for many businesses… and full time employment for nearly 30 team members worldwide.

But enough about me and us… what about you? Do you need help with a project? Do you want it to be a great experience? Would you like to work with smart friendly professionals? Do you want to enjoy your work time… sow seeds of success… and reap well-deserved rewards?

So do we! Let’s do it! Contact us! There is no time like the present… calling 310 400 0800, or filling out this form is all it takes to get started.