Magento Redirect to Checkout after Registration / Create Account

Gabriel Richards
Founder & CEO

Suppose you’ve disabled Guest Checkout on your Magento 2 store.

Now, suppose you are a first time customer to this store, you’ve browsed the site, added items to your cart, and clicked “Proceed to Checkout”.

You are interrupted with a Create Account or Log In modal… which is fine and expected.

If you were not a first time customer and you clicked “Log In”, you would be elegantly redirected to checkout as expected.

However, if you are new and click “Create Account”, upon submission of that registration form, you will be redirected to your Account Dashboard.

At the best this is an annoying behavior, since my intention for checkout was already given… and at worst, it is disconcerting / confusing / unintuitive for the user and they abandon not knowing what to do next.

The Customer Login Settings do not provide a solution for this.

So, in my search for a solution, I found gustavoulyssea/magento-redirect-checkout a simple solution provided by Gustavo Ulyssea. Thank you Gustavo!

Simply install this package via composer, run your typical deploy process, and voila! Now, if you have a cart, and click Create Account after attempting to checkout, you will be redirected to checkout instead of Account Dashboard.

- Gabriel RichardsFounder & CEO | 

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