Shopify Collections Based on Metafield Values

Shopify has been improving their metafield system a lot in the past year or so with the introduction of Metafield Definitions and related features. Let’s see how this has improved Shopify collections for Shopify store managers!

One feature that had been missing, which had caused me to still prefer Magento for large catalogs requiring in-depth filtration, was the ability to set up Shopify collections based upon metafield values. The lack of this feature caused headaches requiring high-maintenance workarounds, like managing a consistent tagging convention across all product records.

With the delivery of Shopify’s 2023-01 release, that feature now exists! We can set up Automated Collection Conditions based upon Metafield values. Here’s a quick look how.

First, you must enable the ability by checking a box in your Metafield Definition:

Enable Shopify Metafield For Collection Condition

Now, a new “Metafields” section will appear within the Conditions section of your Collection edit form. You can choose the appropriate Metafield definition, and then the possible values for that Metafield will be selectable with the “is equal to” operation currently being the only matching option.

Use Shopify Metafield Value For Collection Condition

And Voila! Simple as that.