Karen McRae - Endertech Administrative Assistant

Karen McRae
Joined Endertech
Primary Title
Administrative Assistant

B.A. in Creative Writing from UC Riverside, 2001


6 years digital marketing experience, 5 years customer service experience, 4 years copywriting


Google Analytics certified, conversion optimization, AB testing, lead management, lead generation, social media, content editing, PPC management, marketing campaigns


Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush, Moz toolbar, Screaming Frog, Google Tag Manager, VWO, Optimizely, HotJar, ClickTale, Buffer, CoSchedule, Trello, Jell

Articles by Karen McRae
Asking today whether you *really* need a mobile presence, is like asking in 1999 whether you *really* need a website.... you're already late to the game... so better hop on the bandwagon and consider that many customer's first impression of you is the mobile experience your site provides them!
SEO in 2017 has evolved far beyond on-page optimization and backlink profiles. Though still foundational, those are merely the table stakes. Beyond achieving the first page of Google results... where else can your brand gain visibility?
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What is a database and why do you need one? Learn about best practices for creating and maintaining databases and database applications.
10 ways for e-commerce to prep for holiday shoppers
The holiday shopping season is right around the corner! Here are 10 things to check on your e-commerce site to make sure you're ready for online shoppers.
"Bounce rates" are pesky number. Can you lower your bounce rate? Yes. Though you can't be everything to everyone, here are some tips for improving your bounce.
Competition online is fiercer than ever. How can you make your e-commerce site the best it can be? Simple: conversion rate optimization. Read on for tips.
We created an open source plugin to monitor a Postfix email queue – Get the free plug in here!
Blackfire Profiler is an easy-to-install PHP performance profiler that can quickly help you discover where your code is slowing down your app.
If you had 100 days to learn a new skill, improve yourself, or share something you love with the world, would you? At Endertech, we're doing exactly that. We've accepted the challenge of the 100 Days Project to commit to doing something every single day, for 100 days straight. Find out what each Endertechie is doing for the next 100 days and how to keep up with their progress.
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