Endertech Takes on the 100 Day Project

If you had 100 days to learn a new skill, improve yourself, or even share something you love with the world, would you do it? Would you make that effort every single day for 100 days straight?

At Endertech, that’s exactly what we’re doing! We’ve accepted the challenge – the 100 Day Project challenge!  Most of our team, from designers to developers to marketers and more, has chosen a topic of interest which they have committed to doing for 100 days.

Yes, that’s right, 100 days in a row.

It all began when one of our developers, Noemi, was inspired by an article she read.  Her mind started turning, considering the possibilities of what could be learned by doing something for 100 days straight.  She shared her excitement with the rest of the team and we were hooked.  Everyone was in.

100daysofEndertech has begun!  Come back to our blog every day to see how we’re progressing.  Follow our team members on their individual Instagram profiles to keep up with their projects.

100 Days of These Endertechies

Juan Castillo – Designer @yokiedinosaur#Juanhundreddays For my 100 day challenge I will be making a different pattern in Illustrator every day, drawing inspiration from all sorts of sources like fabrics, wallpaper, product packaging, posters, etc. I think making patterns is very satisfying and therapeutic, so hopefully it won’t turn out to be a “challenge” so much as an opportunity to relax and devote some of my creative energy to a non-work related project!

team karen thumbail

Karen McRae – Marketing Director @kmcrizzle#100daysofKarenDrawing I’m going to learn how to draw!  I’ve always loved the idea of creating children’s books for my daughter and this is the perfect excuse to make it happen.

Maira Ahmad – Designer @maira.100#100daysofMaira For the 100 Days challenge, I will be exploring different typefaces through song lyrics.  My goal is to create a “font book” for myself so I can refer back to it when I need inspiration.

Noemi Quezada – Developer @noemi_quezada#100daysofNoemi I will be creating icons that are inspired by Mexican culture using Illustrator, and I will post what I have created every day.  Aside from coding and working on mobile apps in my spare time, I have always wanted to improve the little designer in me.  Playing around with lines and shapes in Illustrator will help me exercise my creative muscle!

Sheila John – Developer @sjendertech#100daysofImproveTypingBySheila I will be using this group challenge to increase my proficiency in typing, an important skill for a programmer for an efficient expression of the internal thought process. Will this mean un-learning a few things? We’ll know in 100 days!

team sof thumbail

Sofiane Oumaouche – Director of E-commerce Solutions @oumasofiane#100daysofsofianeswords For the next 100 days I will share one word per day, each in a different language. One simple word gives me an opportunity to consider the concept of what that word means. Plus, I get to explore and discover more languages!

Thomas Paddon – General Manager @thomaspaddon#100daysofThomasAwesomeBizIdeas I’m going to try to come up with 100 Awesome Business or Product ideas.  I’m always thinking up new ideas anyway, and hopefully some of these will be the basis for new products for Endertech!

team vasily thumbail

Vasily Volkov – Developer @vasily_3nd3rt3ch Using Code Academy, I’m going to make it a 100 day streak to learn some new coding stuff! I’ll start with Python and refreshing my command line skills then go from there.

team willem thumbail

Willem Luijt – Developer @wcluijt, #noSodaChallenge For my challenge, I am giving up soda for 100 days.  At work I plan to take trips to the water cooler instead of the fridge.  In general, I will attempt to avoid carbonated beverages and possibly overly sugary beverages.  I plan to try interesting, non-alcoholic drinks and flavored water (Oreo, perhaps?).  And while it isn’t my primary goal, maybe I can be healthier by omitting soda this way.

Yasuhiro Nakano – Developer @yasuhiro.nakano#100daysofYasNakano I will be bringing in food items from nearby Japanese markets for everyone to try. My goal is to see what type of Japanese snacks my coworkers enjoy the most.