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Arturo Trejo
Favorite Quote
There's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Follow your heart kid and you can never go wrong. -The Sandlot
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Senior Developer
Secondary Title(s)
Full Stack Developer

B.A. in Psychology from CSULB, 2014


3 years of Professional Web Development


Front End Development, Great Attention to Detail, B2B


HTML/CSS, PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, WordPress

Articles by Arturo Trejo
Digital image showing a hand inserting a lock key into a virtual, glowing circle laid out on a desk.
If there's one thing to take away from software development, an active software developer amongst a team of high performing developers would be a person to ask. Learn more.
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In my last article I talked about 3 key things I have learned as a junior developer: those keys were being open minded, learning every day, and becoming a part of the company. However, I always wondered at an early stage what essentials should I know?
I would like to take you through my experience as a junior web developer. I have now been at Endertech for 11 exciting months. In this process, I have learned more than I have ever learned before. I’ll discuss 3 crucial tips that have helped me stay on top that may be beneficial for you.
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Wordpress Advanced Custom Fields plugin is the optimal way to organize information in post types. It allows for custom fields to be created and is a helpful way to organize information. Whether you want a simple text box or adding a relationship between post types advanced custom fields makes it super easy to use.
Wordpress is an open source content management system that allows developers to create a wide array of plug-ins, themes and widgets. One of the core pieces in Wordpress is creating Custom Post Types. A Custom Post Type is an easy way to organize and create data that is stored in the database.