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5+ years of Software Development: One key thing I learned

Digital image showing a hand inserting a lock key into a virtual, glowing circle laid out on a desk.

In my last article I talked about 3 key things I have learned 1 year in as a Software Developer: those keys were learning an IDE, Github and a Framework. As always I wondered what were the next steps. I am here to tell you one of my most important things I have uncovered in my 5+ year experience. Which is to build relationships with your co-workers.

The relationships between co-workers are essential for a better environment. A healthy environment allows for us to thrive, communicate better and continue to learn. From our early talks in the morning to having a voice of which frameworks/projects we would enjoy working on. Endertech thrives with creating a great culture. My coworkers generally want to be friends, want to know about our lives and most importantly want to help us build a future.

In order to build a future we need to continue to learn with one another to grow our company. One way of learning is through co-workers, having the patience and due diligence to teach procedures is key for growth. At Endertech we hold ourselves to certain standards and having everyone learn those standards allows for easy communication.

For example, Willem, a co-worker of 15 years at Endertech taught me processes of Symfony, PHP, REACT and many more. He had the patience to sit with me and monitor progress of certain tasks. I am now able to teach these processes down to my fellow co-workers. I feel at ease and now have patience to teach the next generation what I have learned and continue to learn.

As a Software Architect, I have learned to communicate thoroughly with coworkers and clients. Communication is key everywhere in this process. As we want to create the best project possible for our clients. From Gabe (our founder), Cheyne (our CEO), to Mark (15+ years experience) I have learned that slowing down and communicating thoroughly to the Client and overall listening to their needs will create the best plan for our developers to work quickly and effectively to finish the project.

Lastly, make the company your family. It is not only about work, it's about friendship. Get to know each other personally. Yas (at Endertech +10 years), he is the perfect example of this. He has taught everyone his roots of Japan. He has taken us to Ramen to meeting his family. Having a personal relationship allows for you to learn from one another key things. It can be sports to financials to many other things. I am grateful for the many relationships I continue to have at Endertech and look forward to the future.