Shopify ERP Integration with Omnichannel Experience

Shopify, Headless
Furniture: Shopify Support & ERP Integration for High-end Outdoor Furniture Retailer
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Client Profile

Terra Outdoor Living, a product leader of premium outdoor furniture and a long established as an innovative leader in the furniture ecommerce industry. With their longtime digital presence being powered by Shopify and backend operations via the STORIS ERP system, their digital might now matches their industry and service expertise.

Challenge Faced

The integration between Shopify and their legacy ERP was not just about data synchronization - it was crucial for enhancing operational workflows, market growth and customer trust. The lack of real-time inventory updates led to stock inconsistencies, while manual order processing showed significant inefficiencies that affected overall service delivery.

For the sake of knowledge, retailers face multiple challenges when operating disparate systems for their online storefronts on Shopify and backend processes. Even when being managed through STORIS, intricacies can make up the defining power of a system. Without detailed synchronization between these two powerful tools here's what Terra Outdoor were faced with:

  • Inaccurate inventory levels leading to over-selling or stockouts

  • Order management required manual entry from one system to another causing delays

  • Untimely customer updates about order status affecting customer service quality

Quality Solutions Implemented

Shopify Configuration

Having taken over for a prior agency, Endertech’s initial Shopify configuration provided a rapid transition without interruption. Expert Shopify support was provided to address any technical issues rapidly in their store.

Design and Development:

Screenshot of Terra Outdoor Living website showing a woman reading in the outdoors.

Too many times, retailers must decide if they should start with a web design company or an ecommerce development company to enhance their entire web store and business systems. With Endertech, design and development go hand-in-hand. While developing the internal programming and database workflows, design is being considered and implemented to fit the entire model.

Data Synchronicity from STORIS to Shopify:

Inventory numbers along with pricing details are moving consistently from STORIS into Shopify so that customers see accurate information at all times while browsing the store's catalog.

From Shopify to STORIS:

Now, when an order is placed via Shopify it automatically feeds into the appropriate channels within the ERP without delays. This ensures quick processing without human entry errors or oversights during sales data transfer tasks - think precision and clockwork for all sales transactions from start-to-finish.

Seamless Shopify POS Integration:

A robust Shopify POS integration enabled Terra Outdoor Living to extend its e-commerce capabilities into physical stores effortlessly, ensuring an integrated omnichannel experience.

Execution Details:

  • Comprehensive Shopify ERP Integration: The team implemented a comprehensive solution connecting live inventory data from STORIS directly into the Shopify platform - a move that guaranteed accurate product availability information across all customer touchpoints.

Enhancing Omnichannel Capabilities:

Partnering with omnichannel web developers allowed Terra’s customers seamless shopping experiences whether online or in-store—blurring the lines between different sales channels for an experience that’s consistent and trustworthy.

Advanced Order Processing Efficiency:

Each purchase made through the user-friendly interface of Shopify would be immediately entered into STORIS for quick fulfillment—an essential element in meeting consumers' expectations for speed and efficiency.

Real-Time Data Flow & Customer Updates:

As items progressed along the buyer’s process from sale to shipment, automated systems provided customers with up-to-date notifications on order status - a valuable tool in building buyer confidence and building brand loyalty.

Innovative "Available to Promise" Feature Implementation:

An 'available to promise' feature keeps shoppers informed about out-of-stock products and the future availability dates using restocking timelines taken from purchase orders within their integrated ERP system. This strategy proves effective at preserving potentially lost sales due to unavailability concerns among buyers exploring other products (or brands) during their decision-making process, keeping them actively engaged with the store.

Keeping customers informed with real-time status updates via the Shopify store fosters transparency and trust. Terra Outdoor Living's commitment to providing accurate delivery timelines, particularly during delays, strengthens customer relations by offering clarity throughout the entire fulfillment process. This approach is vital for sustaining lasting connections through numerous transactions over time.

Product Recommendations and Bundled Products:

Image showing the checkout process and the bundled or recommended products offered inside of the shopping cart window.

With this integration, customer confusion and hesitancy about similar products or trustworthy alternatives are eliminated. The debilitating scatter-and-find approach when searching a store trying to find a matching or alternative product is gone. Automatically, shoppers are served matching and related products that will enhance or potentially upgrade the user experience after purchase.

Website ADA Compliance:

Screenshot of the Accessibility options on the Terra Outdoor Living website.

Terra Outdoor Living collaborated with our Endertech accessibility experts to ensure their Shopify storefront met Website ADA compliance standards. The website was meticulously reviewed and modified in line with WCAG guidelines, ensuring a barrier-free online shopping experience for all customers. This commitment to comprehensive website accessibility not only broadened Terra's market reach but also underscores its dedication to inclusivity and equal access for individuals with disabilities.

Project Summary

In a strategic overhaul, Terra Outdoor Living accomplished a real-time Shopify ERP integration with STORIS, leading to precise inventory management and speedy order processing. Their omnichannel recognition was further strengthened by integrating Shopify POS for a cohesive retail experience both online and in-store. 

Additionally, Terra's commitment to inclusivity is showcased by achieving complete website ADA compliance per WCAG guidelines. Altogether, these enhancements increased customer trust and further positioned Terra Outdoor as an innovator in the outdoor furniture market.