Automated Workflows that Save Time & Money

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Automated Workflows that Save Time & Money
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Consolidating multiple data sources.

A single web-based system simplifies communications for United Oil.

First, it was essential to understand United Oil as a business. This meant knowing how it used or hoped to use its voluminous data and what types of interactions should be in place between the company and its retailers and resellers. We needed to become deeply involved with United Oil’s senior management. We had to earn their trust and craft software applications that could simplify and automate business practices and give complete control to administrators. All of this to be done through a web based system.

Over nearly a decade, we have become intimately familiar with nearly every aspect of United Oil’s business. Working with United Oil’s managers, we have provided numerous systems that are now essential to daily operations. Each one has contributed to greater worker productivity, a reduction in manual effort and costs. We have transformed once laborious chores done with carbon paper and pencils into digital workflows that eliminate waste and free up resources.

Our custom software has reduced man-hour requirements, and some of those reductions are traceable to improved communications with remote locations and customers. Providing functionality through a web interface eliminated practically all deployment costs. That’s because there’s no need to install software at remote locations. At the same time, the custom-built software solutions that run the web-based system – produced for a fraction of the cost of pre-packaged proprietary software — have allowed United Oil to avoid the seven figure expenditures it would have incurred had it chosen such software.