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Why Endertech

The LMS Development Company That Takes Learning Seriously

Endertech brings an effortless e-learning experience to your organization with customized learning management systems (LMS). Endertech enables knowledge sharing, self-paced learning, and ongoing assessments for employees, customers, and partners. We build user-friendly e-learning systems that encourage user participation.

Why Custom LMS

3 Reasons For Custom LMS Development

The global pandemic has reshaped the learning landscape – with companies reimagining new ways to learn. Here’s why collaborating with an LMS development company makes sense for knowledge-driven companies.

  • Reduced learning cost and time

    Endertech helps companies save the expenses of orchestrating in-person courses by enabling mobile learning, assessment, and discussion. We spare users and trainers precious time by providing a 24/7 accessible online learning platform.

  • Personalized learning experience

    Endertech removes conventional restrictions by allowing users to structure their learning path. They complete, assess, and move on to the next learning syllabus at a comfortable pace.

  • Centralized learning material management

    Endertech allows educators to create, publish and manage different learning materials, including videos, images, e-books, and quizzes. This enables learners to access the materials they need on the LMS quickly.


Scalable eLearning Web Development

We know that learning is key to unlocking professional growth – at both individual and organizational levels. Yet, implementing a structured, cost-efficient, and user-friendly eLearning platform proves challenging for most companies. Furthermore, companies might face difficulty scaling a commercial LMS for small businesses when they grow beyond the software’s capacity.

Endertech helps companies overcome the technical, operational, and business challenges in implementing a custom LMS. We understand the pros and cons of different LMS development frameworks and bring the best of each to you. More importantly, we tailor the eLearning platform to suit your use cases – from coaching high-performing salespersons to training HR managers.

Good Hands

Your eLearning Website Is In Safe Hands

Endertech draws upon 20+ years of software development experience to deliver an intuitive online learning experience. We balance user and business needs to tailor a modern LMS that makes learning more accessible to your team. Furthermore, our team is ready to render support when and where required.

With Endertech, you’re spared from the arduous task of determining LMS features, ensuring design responsiveness, consolidating specifications, and more. Our team does the heavy lifting and walks you through each stage. We undertake careful planning, active discussion, and professional development practices to provide a custom LMS that you can easily manage.

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Doing It Right

eLearning Website Done Right

The greatest challenge of building an eLearning website is getting the right balance of features that serve the company, trainers, and learners. This is where Endertech’s practical understanding of the LMS helps. Our eLearning website development strategy gives equal priority to these six areas.

Course Creation

We build a custom learning platform that allows instructors to teach with diverse learning materials. They use an intuitive course builder to publish webinars, podcasts, and text-based content to deliver an engaging learning experience.

Endertech understands that learning is personal for both learners and instructors. Besides enabling centralized learning, our team brings customization to the fore, allowing the participants to personalize their journey to suit their learning styles.

User Management

Endertech pays attention to the workflow of various roles and participants. To dispel confusion, we differentiate how instructors, learners, administrators, and managers interact on the eLearning platform. For example, instructors can create multiple groups of students for specific assignments.

Complicated user onboarding deters learner participation. Our team aims to make the process as simple as possible. We allow users to create their profiles in simple steps or import existing ones from external enterprise applications.

Ongoing Assessment

Learning is only effective when it’s continuously assessed and improved upon. This calls for an in-platform mechanism to roll out scheduled tests, quizzes and assignments. Or an intelligent online learning platform that consolidates assignment submissions, tallies the score, and tracks students’ progress.

Our custom LMS automatically sends reminders to learners on deadlines, test results, and other announcements. We ensure that all learners can pace their learning and be validated fairly for their effort.

Reports and Analytics

We help align online learning websites with the data ecosystem that fuels modern businesses. Data is crucial to help instructors assess their courses and create better ones. Likewise, LMS analytics help companies identify opportunity gaps in their employee’s learning journey.

Endertech applies our field-proven data experience to help you unearth meaningful insights from the learning data. We use charts and tables to visualize course completion, content engagement, learner interaction, and more on the LMS.

App Integrations

The days of ‘standalone’ software are long gone. All applications need integrations to a certain extent, particularly one that promotes learning in your organization. For example, an LMS that trains marketers integrates creative design, video editing, social media scheduling, and advertising apps.

Our software integration know-how is helpful in introducing a custom online learning system that fits your business workflow. We identify relevant applications that your learners use and bridge them to the LMS.

Data Security

Online learning websites collect, store, and analyze users’ data for administrative purposes and continuous improvement. Moving data between devices and servers might introduce privacy and data risk concerns. Since cyber incidents are rising, your LMS development company must take appropriate measures to secure the data.

Endertech takes data security seriously in every app that we’ve built. We use encryption, secure transmission, access permission, and other security measures to safeguard personal and company data.


Your trusted eLearning development partner

Online learning shapes the future of knowledge sharing, and you’ll be advantageous partnering with a proven LMS development company. Endertech offers the talent, technologies, and experience to help your business thrive in a learning-centered environment. We turn your requirements into an engaging eLearning website and offer professional after-release support.

E-learning is the smarter way to train your employees, customers, and vendors. Talk to our team about building a custom learning management system now.

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