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Drupal 8, Grounded in Symfony

Drupal is a powerful open-source and flexible content management system (that’s why we love working with it). But lets face it, it’s earlier versions have a few “wrinkles.”

While PHP has drastically evolved in the past few years, Drupal has lagged behind a bit, especially with adopting and promoting solid software engineering pattern, such as object oriented programming, model-view-controller (MVC), or REST.

Using PHPCR and Its Sidekick, Jackalope

In this post, we’ll dig a little deeper in how the PHP Content Repository works with its sidekick Jackalope. You’ll see that its applications extend beyond content management and that a design based on the PHPCR offers tremendous flexibility.

3 Reasons to Consider the LAMP Solution Stack

Three Bottom Line Reasons to Consider the LAMP Solution Stack including an explanation of LAMP, a discussion of its open source nature and the advantages of the absence of vendor lock in.

What a $7 Million Investment Says About Symfony

An analysis of the $7 Million investment into SensioLabs by CM-CIC Capital Privé and what such means for the future of Symfony both abroad and in the United States.

PHPStorm Blows in with a Whirlwind of Code Prowess

PHPStorm is an Integrated Development Environment (“IDE”) optimized for the PHP coding platform and has many more pros than cons when it comes to an IDE.