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10 Factors to Maximize Your Conversion Rate

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Many online stores are functionally sound, but ineffective at producing sales.  The conversion rate of an eCommerce site is the rate at which its visitors become purchasers.  An effective online store not only makes goods available, it promotes the desirability of those goods and encourages visitors to acquire them.  An effective online store is not passive; it actively sells.  This article seeks to identify those factors that most influence the conversion rate, and suggests ways to manage them to maximum advantage.

Attractive visuals

The catalog images should portray products in their best light.  Replace dull or grainy images with bright, clear images.  Use typefaces that are easy to read.  Use colors and design elements that you know your target audience will find aesthetically pleasing.


Consumers shop from mobile devices as well as desktops.  Be available and business-friendly whatever the means that people visit your eCommerce site.


The longer visitors remain in your online store, the more likely they are to make a purchase.  Get them to linger with interesting content and plenty of it.  Encourage browsing by highlighting related products (“People who liked this product also liked…”).

Intuitive navigation

For those visitors who have specific tastes, ensure that the products they prefer can be found easily and in as few clicks as possible.  Make navigation between product categories painless.  Provide search tools and filters to help visitors bring the products they most want to the forefront.

Unique and Persuasive Product Descriptions

It is remarkable the extent to which products are described in exactly the same way across multiple eCommerce sites.  Use product descriptions to differentiate the quality and utility of your products from all others.  Use language that evokes a positive emotional response in the consumer.

Compelling offers

When visitors are on your website, there are no competing products to distract them.  Position your products to appeal to their desire for a good deal.  Have enticing offers that move the consumer to buy.

Streamlined Checkout Process

A complicated process that feels burdensome will drive consumers off your site.  Organize the workflow to minimize the perceived level of effort.  If you must engage the consumer in a lengthy process, push that part to the very end so that they are invested in the outcome and less likely to quit.

Quick load times. 

Consumers will flee an eCommerce site that is slow to load.  Optimize your hardware, software, and images so that the user experience is always a pleasant one.

Continuous change

Regularly changing content will motivate your visitors to return to your online store to see what’s different.  Regularly changing offers will help you learn what promotions are most effective with your consumers.  Keep an eye on what your competition is doing and be prepared to adapt to changing market conditions.


Visitors that do not make a purchase today may be customers tomorrow.  Effective remarketing campaigns prompt these visitors to give your products a second look.

Whatever your current conversion rate may be, don’t settle.  Focus on the needs, wants, and behaviors of your customer and configure your online store accordingly.  You will drive your conversion rate higher.

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