UX Design Services

Make Visual Connections

Work with smart & creative UX design agency capable of translating empathy in design.
An empathic UX designer will build intuitive design layouts because she is sensitive and thoughtful.

    Design with Beauty and Function

    We ensure your success by always keeping your customers and users top of mind. Our UX design services aims to provide experiences they will remember, share, and talk about.

    Deliver with UX Design

    Designing since 2000. Los Angeles UX designer and web designer. We know that our word is our bond and that successful businesses need dependable partners. We’ve been prompt and transparent since our beginning.

    Enjoy the Design Process

    You can join us for design sessions with confidence. We are a smart and capable group that fosters an open environment that nurtures creativity. No ideas are dumb, and everyone is welcome to participate. You think it and we design it.

    More UX Design Value With Endertech

    Our team has grown up together, learned together, and bonded… creating an exceptionally effective group. Effective means efficient. So, while we’re not the lowest per-hour for UX design services Los Angeles, we champion overall value – Transparency, Communication, On-Time and On Budget.

    Top UX Designers – Meet Process

    When processes born from experience, meet open-minded talent, great things actually get done. When one ingredient is missing, things go sideways. That’s why you want to work with a team like Endertech, that has a 17 year history.

    Consulting – A Melding of the Minds

    Your project will involve efforts from several UX designers and at least one business manager. Like all teams, this one will be most effective having a common understanding and shooting for a common goal. You are part of the team too, and so we begin by consulting together to learn your goals and understand your business.

    Brainstorming – 99% Perspiration, 1% Inspiration

    This old axiom from Edison is so true. Brilliant ideas don’t just come to us out of thin air. We work to generate them, we work to evolve them. We do this by putting smart and friendly people in a room, who like working together, and who know how to start an idea then let it flow.

    Rough Design – Alright, Let’s Form It!

    With rough ideas from brainstorming in mind, the team diverges to each come up with their quick rough ideas. We converge after a short while to compare, contrast, and pick our favorite directions.

    Finish Design – Now, Let’s Polish It

    With favorite directions selected, our UX designers now apply details and finishing touches. You are part of the process the whole way through, so your ideas will surely be counted among those included.

    The Hand Off – You Want This Actually Built, Right?

    Assuming you want the designs we’ve created to be actually constructed, you might want to head over to the engineers in our Software and/or E-Commerce divisions to talk to them about that.

    Los Angeles UX Designer

    People rely on us to design websites and apps at the heart of their business success.

    Beautiful AND Functional Web Design

    People often think of design just as the look and feel of something – the form. However, as an experienced Los Angeles UX designer, we know that design also addresses how things work – that is, the function. Good design should create harmony between beauty and utility.

    Go Beyond What You See

    There’s more to what you see… than what you see. The psychology of layout and color, the order of appearance, the interactive elements, and everything that provides ease-of-use for your users. They’re all integrated to ensure that the only thing that anyone notices is how simple it is to accomplish their tasks.

    Engage With Our Team

    Through engagement, we’ll develop insights about your business, and evolve them into solutions. These solutions will address the goals of your organization and the desires of your audience. Our experienced team of UX designers will find simplicity in complex & dynamic situations, leveraging established processes to produce delightful user experiences.

    Understand & Empathize

    1. Thoroughly understand the business problem and goal.
    2. Empathize with the product user and product owner.
    3. Brainstorm solutions in an open, non-judgmental environment.
    4. Test solutions for results, analyze honestly, optimize and repeat.

    This approach to UX design allows us to apply a designer’s sensibility to any product, service, process, physical space or problem that involves human interaction.

    Top UX Designers Identify & Fulfill People’s Desires

    A strategically designed user experience leads to impactful new forms of value. As UX designers, we arrive at this value by exploring human psychology. The way people see themselves determines their behavior and that is something that we can influence through design.

    We hope to have piqued your interest in engaging Endertech as your UX design company. Give us a call, let’s discuss about your goals, and we’ll be happy to share our ideas and put together a proposal for you.

    “Endertech consistently delivered top quality work with clear, honest communication. They were absolutely instrumental to the ongoing evolution and success of the product.”

    Zack Avshalomov
    Project Manager, United States Artists


    Our experience as a Los Angeles UX designer spans many different categories & industries.


    • Pepsi Bottling Group
    • United Oil
    • Capital Brands
    • Agility Logistics


    • Score Sports
    • Doyle New York
    • NEFCO
    • Mathnasium


    • Pick My Solar
    • HatchFund
    • GoldenTote
    • InnovationDock


    • The Metiri Group
    • Future Ready
    • L.A. Dept. of Neighborhood Empowerment

    Museums & Universities

    • California State University, Northridge
    • Philadelphia Museum of Art
    • University of Bristol – United Kingdom


    • The Alliance for Children’s Rights
    • United States Artists
    • Wende Museum
    • Los Angeles Opportunity Youth Collaborative

    Fashion & Retail

    • Natural Curiosities
    • American Made Supply Co
    • Milk Jar Cookies
    • MUA Shop / CosmoCult

    Professional Services

    • Adishian Law
    • Environmental Noise Control
    • Dynamic Research, Inc.
    • Whole You


    • System’s Technology, Inc.
    • Global Electronic Technology
    • KPU Telecom
    • Microfarads