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We Love PHP for Developing Advanced, Custom Websites

    The PHP Developer Experts in Los Angeles

    We love PHP and always have. Since our inception in 2000, PHP has been our language of choice for developing advanced websites. We have experience with nearly every major PHP-based system out there, and have fussed with plenty of home-grown systems as well. PHP is a popular open source scripting language especially suited for complex custom web development.

    We want to be the smart software PHP developer team and website consultants in your back pocket helping you make the most of your technology investments.

    Whether implementing & customizing off-the-shelf systems, or troubleshooting problems with your installation, we can provide the technical service you need, and a lot more.

    Benefits to Hiring Endertech as PHP Developers

    Endertech is a Los Angeles web design & development company with an in-house team of developers and programmers experienced in PHP. That experience can be leveraged for you, to help you fix existing systems, or re-engineer them with modern-day best practices.

    We know the best PHP framework for your needs will depend on your goals. We won’t fit you into a box. The Endertech team of PHP developers will work with you to find the best fit by drawing upon upon our experience with all the major PHP frameworks (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Zend, CodeIgniter, Cake, Symfony, et al.).

    If your PHP based web application requires upgrade or repair, we’re efficient at troubleshooting any problems with code from standard formats to the customized and complex. You will benefit from efficient, cost-effective service and production quality. From beginning to completion of a project you can count on proactive communication, clear objectives & expectations, and a satisfying results.

    If you’re looking for an expert Los Angeles PHP developer, look no further, and contact us!

    What is PHP?

    PHP (“PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”) is an open source, versatile server-side scripting language designed specifically for the web. When used alongside other scripting languages (e.g., HTML), it will provide users of your web application a more interactive and advanced online experience.

    Among what PHP offers over other options: High performance, availability of source code, portability, low cost (if any), extensive library of common web tasks, interfacing of many different database systems and it’s strong object-oriented support.

    PHP allows you to utilize shopping carts for an e-commerce website, provide a more interactive experience with forms, create a customized user experience based on information provided by them, as well as numerous other possibilities.