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Endertech is Your Expert JavaScript Team

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These days the most advanced websites make heavy use of JavaScript.

Although server-side use of JavaScript is on the rise, it is most famous for being a client-side language.

What this means, is that your browser has a built-in JavaScript interpreter… an engine for processing JavaScript. JavaScript is most often used to manipulate the DOM, or Document Object Model. The DOM is a nickname for the structure of your HTML page.

Using JavaScript, sections of your DOM, your HTML can be modified client-side, without needing a round-trip to the server. Furthermore, it is possible to revise specific sections of the DOM via round-trip if necessary, without reloading the whole page.

The result can be faster, more responsive, more efficient applications, that spread the load out between client-side CPU & RAM and server-side CPU and RAM.

Some famous JavaScript libraries include jQuery, Angular.js, and Node.js… all of which are components of Endertech’s repertoire.