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Ecommerce ERP Integration

Merely building an ecommerce website is no longer sufficient to attract, engage, convert, and retain traffic from more than 2 billion online shoppers. Instead, ecommerce ERP integration is pivotal to making your business scalable, efficient, competitive, and agile amidst the growing shift to online buying.

Endertech helps businesses automate data transfer between their primary ecommerce platform and other software components in these areas.

  • Inventory management integration to ensure system-wide stock accuracy.

  • Shipping & fulfillment integration to streamline logistics and ensure timely delivery.

  • Sales tax integration for precise tax calculations and timely remittance.

  • Payment systems integration to provide customers with their preferred payment methods.

  • Accounting integration for compliance with professional accounting practices.

  • Promotions integration to engage customers efficiently on various digital channels.

Inventory Management Integration

The conventional way to maintain an accurate inventory list with a front-facing ecommerce site is to adjust the unit counts manually. However, there are limits to manually tallying inventory on the backend ERP with sales orders.Eventually, you’ll make mistakes and start selling products that are out of stock. Or incur additional costs by cross-updating inventory data for an ever-growing SKU list.Therefore, enabling autonomous data updates between the backend inventory module and the frontend ecommerce page is vital for scalability.

We help you create a unified stock-keeping system by enabling automated data exchange between inventory management technology and your ecommerce store.We prevent inaccurate stock counts from confusing customers by synchronizing inventory movements on both front and backend in real-time. Whether you’re using a legacy or up-to-date ERP system, our team can convert the inventory data into a mutually-acceptable format for the ecommerce website.Leverage smart ecommerce integration solutions instead of cramping your to-do list with error-prone manual stock checks.

Shipping & Fulfillment

Need to turn first-time buyers into loyal customers? Start by delivering orders to their doorstep promptly as promised. But that’s easier said than done when shipping from dozens of courier services.Manually coordinating the parcel movements with several logistic providers can be overwhelming. For example, you might mix up tracking numbers or cancel the wrong pickups.This calls for a better way to synchronize pickups, printing AWBs, rescheduling, rate calculation, and other logistic functions with the respective couriers. More importantly, your customers expect an elegant solution to track orders heading their way.

Endertech solves the tricky part of coordinating deliveries with DHL, FedEx, Amazon, USPS, and other international couriers with shipping & fulfillment integrations.We use the API from shipping providers to integrate logistic functions on your ecommerce platform. This allows you to automatically generate AWBs, schedule pickups, calculate shipping fees, and track orders without accessing the courier’s website.Whether you’re shipping worldwide or catering to local communities, Endertech has the perfect answer to prevent logistic mismanagement from disrupting your business.

Sales Tax

Ecommerce businesses are not spared from local sales tax regulations. Depending on your business address and customer’s location, you can be legally obligated to collect and remit sales tax. Sales tax calculation can grow complicated as the tax rate differs according to countries, states, and cities.Without an integrated sales tax module, your team will spend precious hours combing through regional taxation resources and setting up complex tax formulas. Then, they need to manually figure out how to apply a specific tax rate for a transaction.Sales tax integration is a smart option for ensuring timely tax collection and remission without human intervention.

Our team helps your business navigate the choppy waters of taxation by enabling automation and transparency throughout the entire process.We ensure that sales taxes chargeable to your customers are calculated precisely and based on real-time data. Our solution allows you to meet stringent deadlines and produce accurate reports when filing sales taxes.We can introduce flexibility during integration to meet unique business requirements. For example, we can apply customized tax rates, tax exemptions, or tax segmentations on your e-ecommerce site.Endertech helps you stay on friendly terms with tax authorities by automating ecommerce sales taxation.

POS Ecommerce Integration

Meet customer preferences. Shopping and paying with ecommerce brands that make it simple on their app or website. They expect to pay for purchases with their preferred payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.A secure and seamless payment process positively influences the brand’s reputation. However, connecting to payment gateways comes with the responsibility of protecting sensitive financial data. Therefore, it is crucial to balance security, user experience, and diversity when integrating with a payment gateway.

Endertech is familiar with both the technologies and regulations of payment processing. We can integrate your ecommerce site with widely-used payment gateways, including Stripe, Visa/Master, Paypal, and American Express.We help businesses choose the suitable payment gateway integration method and comply with regulations like PCI-DSS. For example, we implement non-hosted integration for ecommerce businesses that require complete control of sales transactions.Our team takes data security seriously while ensuring your customers have access to popular payment methods.


Ecommerce businesses rely on accounting software to keep their finances in check. Products sold, canceled, or returned should be reflected accurately in the bookkeeping systems.Without an integrated accounting system, ecommerces businesses resort to manual entry, which is susceptible to human errors. The disparity in financial records often proves to be a problem during accounting audits.On the other hand, an integrated accounting system offers real-time visibility into cost, expenses, sales, revenue, and other financial indicators. It ensures that every financial transaction is captured promptly and accurately.

Our team integrates ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce with QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics, and other accounting software. We ensure that every sale, expense, and stock movement is reflected immediately in your accounting software of choice.Endertech helps ecommerce businesses produce accurate bookkeeping reports, which are useful for making financially-sound decisions. We provide clear oversight of cash flow, inventories, customer spending, and other financial performance indicators on a single dashboard.With accounting ecommerce integration, you can sell online and never worry about bookkeeping again.


You’re losing out on valuable sales if you’re not pushing promotional deals to the right audience fast enough. While most ecommerce platforms support features like vouchers, gift codes, and discounts, they lack synchronization with various channels to gain broader coverage.A full ecommerce integration allows you to automatically advertise or promote ongoing deals on social media, search engines, forums, and other marketing channels. More importantly, such integration also involves producing marketing analytics, which helps you monitor and analyze campaign performance.

Endertech puts ecommerce businesses in the driving seat by automating advertisement delivery to various channels. We help marketers craft, test, and deliver promotional messages effectively by connecting the ecommerce platform with relevant marketing tools.We know that each marketing strategy is unique and requires personalized configuration, software modules, and integrations. Our solution provides a coordinated approach to managing and improving sales efforts with data-driven strategies.

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