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    What is Branding?

    Branding is a wide umbrella term that encompasses many different elements. Branding runs the gamut from the classic fundamentals like a recognizable logo and catchy tagline to more intangible and newfangled concerns like “sonic branding” and branded “interaction design,” which have come to the fore as technologies like voice assistants and AI-powered chatbots have gained wide adoption by consumers. Whatever your branding entails, though, it is ultimately your promise to the consumer.

    Branding is what differentiates your products and services from the competition. It sets the consumer’s expectations for your products and services.

    It reflects who you are, who you aspire to be, and who the consumer perceives you to be.

    Where Does a Logo Come In?

    Of the various elements that comprise your brand, your logo is undoubtedly the most essential component. A successful logo encapsulates your brand in a single symbol, visually encoding your brand’s values and other key messaging. A unified brand is one whose logo and other elements based on it, like the color palette and typography, all work in harmony to create a bigger picture that conveys a value proposition to the consumer.

    Why is Branding Important?

    Effective branding builds brand equity, which is the added value your brand imparts on your products or services. Brand equity allows you to charge more for your product compared to an unbranded but otherwise identical product. For example, consumers will pay a premium for Coca-Cola over a comparable generic soda because of Coca-Cola’s high brand equity.

    One market space where differentiation is based almost exclusively on branding is bottled water. The product from brand to brand is basically identical, but bottled water brands target different consumers with messaging that speaks to different lifestyles, personalities, aspirations, etc.

    The example of bottled water highlights how critical branding can be in an increasingly competitive market. An effective brand clearly delivers the message you want to convey and delivers it in a credible voice, it emotionally connects your prospective consumers with your product or service and motivates them to buy, and it fosters consumer loyalty.

    What Makes an Effective Brand?

    Your branding should be largely based on your target consumer. For example (and broadly speaking), the service you provide or product you sell can be either low-cost and high-value or high-cost and high-quality, but it can’t be both. In other words, you can’t be all things to all people, so effective branding is based on a deep understanding and anticipation of your particular consumer’s needs and wants.

    …so effective branding is based on a deep understanding and anticipation of your particular consumer’s needs and wants.

    Emotion and perception are major components of effective branding. It’s human nature that as decision-making consumers, people tend to base their decisions on emotion and then rationalize those decisions with logic. The most widely recognizable—and valuable—brands, like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple, are based more on perceived quality and emotional attachment than the practical benefits or features of those companies’ products. For example, Nike hopes the emotional attachment its potential consumers have to their favorite star athletes will motivate them to buy the Nike shoes they see those athletes wearing.

    It is not enough, however, to define a brand that resonates with your target consumer. You must also execute a holistic brand strategy to effectively implement and disseminate your brand. In other words, brand strategy is where, how, and to whom you communicate your brand. The message itself is part of your brand strategy, but it is also about integration—imbuing every aspect of your business, product, or service with your brand, through such things as product packaging, shopping experience (both physical and online), or even the way your employees answer the phone.

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