Magento development power meets updated design in a custom E-commerce platform that connects to legacy ERP.

Score Sports, is a leading Southern CA Sports Apparel Company with a Huge Product Catalog of over 70,000 Products.

Scoresports Consumer End

Designed and implemented the E-Commerce Website with Magento

  • Mobile-friendly & functional Redesign
  • Provided security and stability by upgrading the ancient Magento system
  • Categorization Improvement of the Product Catalog (over a  thousand products)
  • Website Performance Optimization by Strategic Asynchronous Reindexing
  • Improved SEO Rankings
  • Google Shopping Feed Integrations from the Website
  • Custom Product Type Development, extending the core Magento code, to represent their Complex Product Bundles

Multi Store, Single Backend

Over 40+ Stores on the Website as of today

Community Leagues/Clubs have separate Stores to sell Scoresports Products but with their own custom branding, and at their own prices to their specific customers.

Team Stores

Uniform Ordering made a breeze for Leagues across the Nation

Speciality E-Stores designed to sell Branded Team Uniforms at Custom prices targeting sports teams and leagues across the nation.

  • Multi Level access to Team Store Administrators, Team Coaches and Players
  • Parents can log-on and place an order for the uniform the Coach assigned their child
  • The Coach is then notified of every player’s order, and when he’s ready, he can ship the entire order to one destination

B2B Portal

Highly Customized, Scalable Web portal, only for Authorized B2B Customers

  • Each B2B Customer has a Customized Product Catalog, Branding, Custom Pricing, and everything controlled from the Magento Backend Administration
  • Each B2B Customer has a Score Sales Reps associated with the B2B Account
  • Each B2B Customer has Custom Packaging and Shipping options

ERP Integration

Integrating a traditional Backend System into the new E-Commerce Site

The Magento Website integrates with the client’s traditional JDE system receiving Product Data, Pricing, Inventory and sending Order Data back to the master system daily.

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