Magento development power meets updated design in a custom E-commerce platform that connects to legacy ERP.

The target was clear, but the obstacles obscuring it weren’t. Figuring out the right path to the goal and the strategy to reach it was a team effort.

The Problem: Non-Existent E-commerce + Product Management

Score had two problems and they were both currency – keeping the site current and generating the dollars-and-cents kind through sales. Product offerings weren’t kept up to date on the site, and visitors couldn’t access the product catalog or make purchases from it. For a company that makes and sells hundreds of thousands of uniforms for sports teams nationally, that was a significant roadblock to sales. The second obstacle was the delay of more than a year that Score encountered while working with a less capable vendor.

The Challenge: Creating a Negotiable Pricing Gateway

Score’s backend ERP system handles pricing and can allow Score to negotiate pricing on a per customer per item basis. Yet the complexity of it wasn’t adaptable to the web, making it nearly impossible to design a workable online form. The goal, therefore, was to create a usable, customer-responsive front end – the website’s user interface – but keep it tied to customer-specific backend data.

The Solution: Recreating SCORE’s Site in Magento with a Multi-Server Cluster

The new site began with a long consultation. From those discussions, Endertech proposed re-doing the site in Magento and developing custom software to bring data into Magento from the Oracle JD Edwards ERP system. The site was deployed to a multi-server cluster that would provide both speed and reliability. Then, because of increasing complexity related to expanded product offerings, variable pricing requirements, and traffic, the site was migrated to an even more dependable server environment.

The Results: Elevated Brand Awareness + Increased Sales Efficiency

Brand awareness has risen in comparison to prior levels. According to Score, that’s due, in large part, to the new capabilities that Endertech created.
• The entire catalog is now online and easily searchable.
• Pricing is accurate.
• Sales reps spend less time with each customer so they can interact with more of them.
• Color switching transforms every item on the page at once in real time.
• Site performance is dependable because the site is now stable.

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