Knowing the Industry Generates Custom Subscription Business

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Stripe API and Symfony offer Solutions for a Subscription Business Model


An important element of a functional SaaS website is determining which payment technology to integrate. Looking for the best one can bring confusion and unresolved questions. When Bill, the owner of (LFS) approached Endertech, adopting the most appropriate system for his new subscription site was critical.

According to a article, the economy of subscription businesses has risen over 350% in the last 7 years. With more businesses using a subscription-based e-commerce site, new technologies in payment processing have emerged. The solution was to customize Stripe and implement Sonata Bundle for Bill’s subscription business.

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Knowing the Industry Generates Custom Subscription Business

Bill’s theory behind the website grew from buying and selling laundromats over the decades. To search and post laundromats for sale online is easy. However, in his search, only a few websites focused on laundromats exclusively.

Even then, navigating a site to post a laundromat for sale had some downfalls. Informative items about a listing would be missing. With countless searches over the years, he grew wiser. Bill was able to conceive of unique features for a laundromat sales site to create his business model.


Custom Subscription Processing with Stripe

Bill wanted to charge and prorate payments on his site in a way that requires customization to Stripe’s default subscription API functions. To further explain, every online payment system provides out-of-the-box functions. These default functions vary depending on the payment system.

If your subscription rules don’t match your payment platform’s default rules, your developer will need to customize the payment logic. Moreover, many arguments exist about which payment platform is best, but many developers praise the flexibility that the Stripe API offers for custom rules such as Bill’s.

Why Customize Stripe and Sonata Admin for a Subscription Business

Why Customize Stripe and Sonata Admin for a Subscription Business

Why is there a need for customization for LFS? To begin, Stripe supports proration payments out-of-the-box. Where it needs customization, is when the administrator needs to collect payment at the time of upgrade by a subscriber. This change calls for Stripe API developers to carryout. Collecting the prorated amount upon Upgrade is something that Stripe has no built in support.

Without Stripe customization, the new prorated sum would be collected on the next billing period. Enabling this function, involved One-Time Invoices feature that’s offered by Stripe API to instantly collect prorate charges.

Another goal for LFS was gaining familiarity with its users and the overall ability to manage the website. Adding the Sonata Admin Bundle, using the Symfony framework, provides this option. In simpler terms, Sonata Admin Bundle provides a portal into the website’s database.

A well designed backend interface made it easy for Bill to manage subscription levels, post content, and other site configurations. With coding, a developer customizes the administrative tools to optimize the interface to Bill’s needs. Sonata Admin Bundle now enables customization for LFS’s growth and future adaptability.

Subscription Business is Enhanced with Stripe and Symfony / Sonata Admin Bundle

New online technologies are constantly shaping the e-commerce landscape and creating new opportunities. This allows customizing the payment system for your online store to set features that compliment your overall strategy.

Just like Bill, you can reach Endertech with an evolving idea for a subscription-based website with custom features. Endertech’s team of designers and developers, along with ecommerce tools like Symfony and the Stripe API, can deliver on your ambitions.

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