Largest Collection of Vintage Hawaiian Shirts in the World

Hana Shirt Company logo with a artistic pineapple outline in the background.
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Largest Collection of Vintage Hawaiian Shirts in the World
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Revamping a 17 Year Old Web Design Supply Chain

The Hana Shirt Co. was founded in 2002 and specializes in selling authentic vintage Hawaiian Shirts from the 1930’s through the 1970’s. They offer the largest selection of vintage Aloha shirts and women’s Hawaiian dresses found anywhere in the online world!

Designing a New Website for The Hana Shirt Co.

Customer Background is one of Endertech’s longest enduring clients, and their website was created by our agency back in the day using our original ecommerce framework. As ecommerce and the web in general grow as an industry, so do the parameters by which all successful websites are judged. As such, The Hana Shirt Company was ready to commit to a mobile responsive website with an updated design.

The company’s focus is selling vintage Hawaiian shirts from the 1950s and 1960s. These are viewed by many as collector’s items, and the shirt styles represent the essence of Hawaii. The company likes to feel that it sells Hawaii…in the form of shirts, of course.


The Look

The design team chose a minimalist approach towards’s redesign. One which remained simple, stable, and beautifully compelling,  all the while the underpinning Magento 2 core was significantly expanding its functionality as part of this holistic redesign undertaking. Our devs used a blank vanilla theme approach to this project, kind of like starting on a blank slate and brought a new design to life.The design motif was extended to apply to their business cards and packaging paper creating a matching symmetry across their supply chain helping cement their brand identity across the customer experience touch-points. The client was extremely happy with the beautiful design created.

Laptop render of website


Diving In

Data Import

Data from the original site was exported out and was changed into a data format that could be uploaded into Magento 2, the e-commerce platform chosen for the new site. The Endertech team created guidelines and methodologies in collaboration with the Hana Shirt Co team for their database of 500 simple (non-configurable) products.

Image Size

The life of a dev includes dealing with unexpected challenges. In this project, the challenge we faced were the massive image sizes, which collectively amounted to many gigabytes. The nature of fast loading mobile sites is to have images of under 100 KB each, so multiple gigabytes would make the site take longer to load than driving across town to the airport and simply flying to Hawaii to purchase a shirt. As such, our devs harnessed their experience with programming tools and conducted image resizing projects with custom PHP scripting.

New site render with testimonials

Custom Features

A Special beautiful custom testimonials section was developed customized for this new Magento 2 website. This new testimonials page provides the ability for the end user to upload an image showing themselves wearing one of the company’s shirts.

Other customizations included the option of adding product identification numbers and shirt sizes to their invoices if requested by the client for easy order fulfillments and follow-ups.

The Project Team