The story of a fashion startup making their vision real with help from our Magento developers.

Fashion is a challenge for any new entrant. If you can establish a style of your own that’s reflected online, you can take off without needing the runway.

The Problem: Creating a Competitive Clothing Ecommerce Store

It’s hard to build a fashion brand that’s wholly shirts. But American Made Supply Co. (AMSCo) couldn’t expand its product line without a site that could handle the catalog, process the orders, be available on mobile, and compete with established retailers.

The Challenge: Building a Scalable Platform for Quick Expansion

AMSCo was extremely well prepared. They knew what they wanted, had files that were ready to go, and felt that all that they needed was a company to build the site. Yet there were other components that had to be included to support expansion and promotion.

The Solution: Implementing a Magento Backend + Google AdWords Marketing Campaigns

Endertech used Magento to accommodate all of the elements that American Made Supply had to have. Our designers created a coherent theme that allowed for an infinite number of catalog entries. It was optimized for mobile (using its own unique design) and looked just as good as any major casual lifestyle fashion brand. Endertech’s developers then integrated shipping capabilities to print package labels. They also incorporated marketing features that included Google Shopping feeds and AdWords campaigns and included the links to social media that AMSCo considers extremely important.

The Results: A Robust Ecommerce Store that Launched a New Brand onto the Map

American Made Supply can now offer a broader array of apparel, reach a much broader market, handle more incoming traffic, and expand its presence beyond the desktop site to mobile devices and social media.