Software Engineer Internship in Los Angeles

Picture of Endertech conference room.

Why Internship with Endertech?

We’re a boutique software development company with decades of experience. We’re based in Los Angeles, California and have worked with businesses here in the Golden State, and across the nation. The remote and collaborative environment we seek to promote for our hires, and any software engineer internship is about love, dedication and a hyper-focused work ethic. The setting for your success as an intern begins with our help.
If you are enthusiastic about computer science and crafting software engineering ideas and putting them into development, we want to meet you. We understand you’ve got plenty of talent to showcase, and we want to see you succeed. Endertech’s goal is to provide you more than just a reasonable accommodation to allow for your best work, we work as a team mentor. Proven candidates that progress well through the software engineer internship phase are offered employment.
Our successful interns have shown and proven to be self-managers and team-oriented individuals. Our engineering team is always courteous to help but we love to see comprehensive and innovative solutions raised on your own. We don’t strive to be full-time teachers but rather provide guidance to the best path in your creative work. Like we said before, we provide support and let you do the rest.
With time, successful candidates show an enthusiasm to grow their responsibilities and take ownership of their projects. It is through self motivation that we’ve seen previous interns earn the ability to handle responsibilities with little direction and see them through completion. This is what we ask of our full-time employees, therefore, this is what we look for with our new teammates.
See below for a few more details about our software engineer internship opportunity and personal words from our previous interns!
Photograph of the Endertech office space.

More Details for Qualified Applicants:

Length: 3 months to 10 months

  • This is open to your schedule and commitment. We’re all currently working from home spaces.

Hours per Week: 10-30 hours

  • Hours range for a software engineer intern and your personal schedule is taken into consideration.

Qualifications: College graduate or a college student close to graduation. 

  • More importantly, we love to see a highly motivated self-starter, who is self-driven and self-reliant with previous work to sample. We provide the stage and you take the spotlight.

Responsibilities: You’ll be asked to help with ongoing client projects. 

Paid vs Non-Paid: Non-paid software engineer internship with career growth opportunity.

  • Career minded interns with a thirst for a deeper understanding of technology have come on-board to work full-time. And always, take ownership of projects to solve real-world problems with our team and with our family of clients.

College Credit: No College credit available

  • We’re aiming for candidates / interns who want to begin to grow into tech professionals now. We like to view the space we’ve created at Endertech as a mentorship of full-time software engineers.

A few words from our previous interns: 

“It’s a chance to continuously learn new frameworks and libraries. Do not be discouraged by the title. Be open minded about learning new things. Never feel like you have learned enough… Study, study, study….stay on top of best practices, improve your craft daily and keep learning to deliver results… Endertech’s culture is very open and encourages progress.”

– Arturo Trejo

Endertech gave me the opportunity to learn and research technologies that have helped build my skillset to become a better web developer.  I felt a lot of support and encouragement from the entire team, from project managers to developers. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity I was given to join Endertech.

– Cinthia Fraire

I see Endertech as a blank canvas. A large playground to create and perfect my craft. Technological liberty is one thing I love amongst the many attributes ET has to offer. As a new developer, my expectations were simply to follow orders, but here is where ET stands out. At Endertech, no matter how little your experience, we listen. ET believes in shaping their team with sensible and professional opportunities that nurture growth. As a developer, we are always a student and Endertech has been a school for me to grow.

– Anil Rayamajhi

Photograph of the Endertech office space.