An explanation of how a Uniform Resource Locator ("URL") is affected by the Symfony1.4 framework including a discussion of route patterns, request URL translation and URL creation via Symfony1.4.
Discussion of the process involved in adding a website to a new business including one-size-fits-all versus customization, collaborative process with website developers, waterfall and agile development methodologies and potential goals of a new business website.
How to determine the best Payment Gateways for your Crowdfunding Site including discussion of "all-or-nothing" and "partial credit" models and comparisons of payment service providers WePay, Balanced and PayPal.
Overview of whether an Off-the-Shelf Solution will work for various Social Network Web Designs, including discussion of the pros and cons of Ning and Elgg compared to customizable solutions.
Discussion of shipping charges & customer service policies for a business adding e-commerce to its brick & mortar. Topics include whether customer or business will bear shipping costs, how customers will contact you online and policies for responding.
Three Bottom Line Reasons to Consider the LAMP Solution Stack including an explanation of LAMP, a discussion of its open source nature and the advantages of the absence of vendor lock in.
Four tips for a positive user experience ("UX") on your website including accessibility to services, "social proofing", clickable logos and analyzing and using site metrics.
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An analysis of the $7 Million investment into SensioLabs by CM-CIC Capital Privé and what such means for the future of Symfony both abroad and in the United States.
A Users Guide to WordPress Plug-Ins for beginners including discussion of All In One SEO Pack, Aksimet, and WooCommerce.
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Can a Minimum Viable Product Be a Building Block for Your Business?
Discussion of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as the building block for a business. Topics covered include cost efficient and timely feedback, use by startups and relation to crowd funding websites.
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