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WordPress Magento Integration

Some store owners will ask how a blog can help their e-commerce website. On the surface, it is a commitment to write a blog and keep it current. But a blog can be a great tool to improve your SEO. At the most basic level your blog posts and comments are content rich for SEO. However, more weight is in backlinks. WordPress uses actions known as Pingbacks and Trackbacks. Pingbacks notify your website when someone links to it from an article, and Trackbacks notify another website when you post an article referencing it. Both pingbacks and trackbacks create a rich network of backlinks that can positively effect your SEO. Now the power is bringing a WordPress Magento Integration.

Unfortunately Magento is a great e-commerce platform but it doesn’t have blogging built in. Blogging is where WordPress excels. Wouldn’t it be great if we can combine the abilities of Magento with WordPress?

Good news, we can combine these two great tools!

We work with a Magento extension that not only combines Magento with WordPress, but it also ensure a seamless customer experience by integrating WordPress features into your Magento look and feel. Your customers won’t know the difference between WordPress and Magento.

An integrated blog allows you to show additional dimensions about your brand. Check out American Stories, a blog we recently built for American Made Supply Company. American Stories allows the crew at AMSCO to tell more stories about the people behind the brand. The blog adds to the brands by highlighting areas beyond the great products.

A blog doesn’t have to be a blog. I recently worked with a home kitchen equipment company run by an executive chef. He wanted a way to not only further develop the brand but also showcase some of his recipes. I used WordPress not to build a blog but to build a recipe section of his website. The recipes were searchable by ingredient, occasion, season, and other ways. I’ve also worked with publishers to use WordPress to link titles, authors, genres, reviews, and samples into their e-commerce site – making the browsing experience much more robust. WordPress can be modified by adding custom post types so that just about any type of information can be published.

Adding WordPress to your Magento site also allows for more cross marketing opportunities. You can add products to highlight in your blog posts (or custom post types) to create additional marketing opportunities. Going back to that recipe blog, we added kitchen products that were used in each recipe.

While Magento has capable content management capabilities, it can be hard for non-technical people to write content. WordPress by comparison is easy for non-technical users. Merchants often find that using WordPress as a content management tool allows them to spread the content development among additional staff – freeing up the in-house technical resource for other tasks.

There are several ways to integrate WordPress with your existing Magento site. We know the ins and outs of how to do the integration seamlessly – keeping the look and feel of your existing site. Contact us and we’d be happy to share our knowledge with you.

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