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Why You Should Consider Hiring an Email Marketing Agency

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Email marketing is one of the things you can do yourself. Unfortunately, doing it yourself can be costly and could mean losing out on the true potential of this popular digital marketing channel.

Doing your own email marketing campaigns involves spending money on tools, hiring additional personnel for your marketing team, and setting aside some of your business time for emails every week. This can cost a ton of money and time. 

In this article, we compare in-house email marketing and email marketing in agency. We discuss why you should consider hiring an email marketing agency and detail how doing so can help you save time and money and help you grow your businesses more efficiently.

Difference between Email Marketing in Agency and In-House Email Marketing 

When handling emails in-house, you must understand all the different aspects of email marketing. This involves researching the market to identify the right tech stack for your campaigns. 

You must then buy the email marketing tools you need, segment your contact lists, create campaigns, design email templates, write tons of email copies, send out emails, set up autoresponders, run various tests, and change metrics that don’t work. 

The skills required to do all of these things are often missing in the organization, so you may have to hire additional staff, spend time learning email marketing, and train your marketing staff on implementing email. 

Even with a dedicated in-house team, you may still have to outsource graphic design and email copywriting from time to time. 

On the other hand, working with an email marketing agency means leaving all the work to a team of consultants specialized in email marketing. 

They will not spend time learning email marketing or researching the market to identify the right tech stack for your email strategy. Email marketing specialists are always on top of trends and know the right solutions for your business and industry. 

You may also not have to buy tools, as most email marketing agencies have the tools required to implement an email campaign. They also have established processes for executing effective campaigns to reach the desired audience.

In most cases, your work will be reduced to identifying a specialized email marketing agency and letting their team of experts do the rest. 

Why You Should Consider Hiring an Email Marketing Agency

The thought of handling your email marketing in-house can be tempting. Most people believe this option allows them to save on agency fees. Interestingly, paying the agency fees can help you avoid lots of other overheads and grow your business faster

Let’s put this into perspective below to help you see why hiring an email marketing agency may be in your best interest.

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Effective email campaigns require skill and know-how that you may not have

Email copies for email marketing are far different from standard business emails. So if you are experienced in writing the latter, the skill will likely not help in writing marketing emails. 

In most cases, effective email copywriters don't have good marketing or design skills, and vice versa. Yet implementing a successful email campaign requires writing compelling copies, designing well-coded templates, and understanding marketing best practices.

Already, this means three different sets of skills required to create a single marketing email. Yet, this number is on the lower side. Executing a successful campaign typically requires more hands on deck. 

Can you afford to dedicate three to five staff members to a single marketing channel? How much time are you willing to invest in learning the various aspects of email marketing? Because being in charge means being sufficiently knowledgeable in every aspect of the initiative. 

This might be overwhelming, and you could be tempted to take shortcuts, ending up with an underwhelming ROI (return on investment).

In comparison, email marketing agencies are comprised of large teams with experts dedicated to specific aspects of email marketing. They have extensive experience and are always ready to kick hit the ground running with a new campaign. 

By hiring one of these, you can enjoy faster and more optimal results.

Email marketing agencies maximize your ROI

Email marketing ROI averages $36 for every $1 spent. However, this return on investment figure can be as high as $44 for every $1 invested. That’s a whopping 4,400% ROI!

Now, those are intriguing figures. But you won’t achieve them unless you target your audiences correctly, segment your market thoroughly, write compelling email copies, and implement your strategy effectively. 

No wonder only 64% of small businesses use email marketing despite its compelling returns.

The truth is effective email marketing requires a great deal of planning, strategy, and effective reporting. 

A good email marketing agency usually has the personnel experienced in doing all of that. They know what they are doing based on years of industry experience. As a result, they can maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns and increase your returns.

An email marketing agency saves you time. 

If you were to hire additional staff to handle your email marketing, the process could involve posting the job opening, shortlisting the applicants, conducting interviews, discussing salaries, training recruits, and allocating resources. 

All these activities take time. They can mean taking a break from running your business.  

You must also set aside time to test and tweak your strategy throughout its lifecycle. You will also need to set aside some time every week to monitor your in-house team. 

If you hire a full-service email agency, they take care of your email campaign management. You won’t need to recruit anyone or take time away from your business anymore. This way, you can focus on running your business while they deliver the results you need.  

You can save money by hiring an agency

Recruiting email marketing personnel, training them, and buying email marketing solutions are a few areas where you must pour money when running your own campaigns.

According to Forbes, small businesses spend a total of $308,000 every year to train new employees, with each employee costing approximately $1,200 to train. 

Whether you hire experienced email marketing professionals or otherwise, training will still be crucial for your email marketing initiatives to pay off. In the end, you must spend significant amounts of cash on training. 

Hiring a white-label email marketing agency allows you to skip the training fees along with the wages you would pay such recruits. It also eliminates the need to spend money on various email marketing solutions since most agencies already have the platforms to run your campaigns. 

Agencies also eliminate the need to pay freelancers, such as content writers and designers, who could charge overtime rates, raising your overheads.

Thanks to their rich experience and industry knowledge, email marketing agencies run their operations efficiently and cost-effectively. As a result, every dollar you spend will likely yield or exceed the expected returns.

An email marketing agency can guarantee measurable results

If you practice the same thing over and over, you become excellent at it. This is the reality with email marketing agencies. 

They run email campaigns for a living, giving them a decent grip and knowledge of the ins and outs of the digital marketing channel. 

You likely know the results you want to achieve, but the challenge is usually how to get those results. Email marketing experts have rich industry knowledge and experience that comes in handy. 

They know the right tools for every aspect of email marketing. They have tried various strategies, giving them a precise idea of what to expect.

They can segment your email lists and personalize your campaigns to increase their deliverability and open rates. 

They can also test the emails on time and tweak them accordingly. This step helps ensure optimized campaigns that yield the best conversions.

Email marketing agencies can allow you to run your business more efficiently. 

You are responsible for the marketing team when conducting your email marketing in-house. This means you must engage them, monitor their activities, and manage the process. 

Keeping up with the daily activities involved in your campaigns, such as email conceptualization, designing, and deployment, can be overwhelming and time-consuming. 

You can spread yourself thin, ending up skimping on areas of your business that require more attention and resources. You can easily lose sight of the things that matter when you’re caught up in email marketing details. 

Leaving email marketing to a specialized agency can allow you to focus on running your business by freeing up your plate. You can dedicate all the time you need to the areas that need it. 

An email agency can guarantee client satisfaction and retention

Consumers generally want to hear from brands via email, according to the 2023 Square Future of Commerce report. The report approximates the number of consumers who want to hear from businesses that they deal with at 86%, with 60% listing email as their preferred method.

While most businesses find it challenging to use such data, email marketing agencies have perfected the art of data-driven email marketing. 

They can do an excellent job of using your subscriber information to send them tailored messages consistently to keep your brand at the top of the customer’s mind. 

Consistency can be challenging if you do your emails in-house because you must attend to other areas of the business besides email marketing. 

It is no surprise that 89% of businesses do not segment their email, even though subscriber segmentation is one of the most effective strategies for email marketing. Notice that marketers who segment their email campaigns see up to a 760% increase in revenue

Much of that increase in revenue is thanks to greater conversions and customer retention, which is easier achieved by a team specialized in email marketing. Their specialty helps ensure flawless email deployment and seamless communication that leads to satisfied customers. 

Hiring an agency allows you to access pre-vetted expertise and talent

One of the biggest advantages of hiring an email marketing agency is access to pre-vetted talent. 

Email marketing agencies are comprised of experienced professionals in various niches working together. Hiring an agency allows you to access this exclusive expertise and leverage it for the success of your business. 

While an in-house approach would require recruiting and training staff, email marketing agencies allow you to find the talent you need already in one place and ready to begin. No training or onboarding is required. 

Final Take on Email Marketing In Agency

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Implementing a successful email marketing campaign takes a lot of resources and work. Time and resources are in short supply for many businesses, making it practically unattainable to run a thorough campaign, leading to suboptimal results. 

Hiring an email marketing agency, on the other hand, provides a sure way out. Agencies have all the necessary resources and personnel to make email marketing work. This makes it an intuitive choice for any success-minded business.  

Summary of Benefits of Hiring an Email Marketing Agency

In this article, we have clarified how an email marketing agency can be a sure way to quicker results because it gives you access to pre-vetted talent ready to begin working on your campaign. 

Hiring an agency also allows you to get skills and expertise you may not have, helps you save time and money, guarantees client satisfaction and retention, provides measurable results, maximizes your ROI, and allows you to run your business more efficiently. 

Keep an eye out on our subsequent posts for more details on how you can leverage the power of email marketing to enhance your business growth. 

Meanwhile, the email marketing team at Endertech is on hand to answer any questions regarding a suitable strategy.