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Why an Email Marketing Specialist is a Crucial Investment

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If you use email marketing and, in return, you are not getting around 36 times the amount you invest, you’re likely not doing it correctly. And the expertise and industry experience of an email marketing specialist may be the missing piece.

If you are yet to start using email marketing to connect with customers, you’re missing out on its massive potential.

At the heart of that massive potential is the input of an email marketing specialist. To put it simply, attempting to achieve email marketing success without the help of an email marketing specialist is akin to throwing darts in the dark.

In this post, we explain who email marketing specialists are and what attributes makes them a valuable asset to any business seeking to grow by establishing a solid presence in the hearts and minds of their target customers.

Let’s dive right in.

Who Is An Email Marketing Specialist?

An email marketing specialist is an expert in digital marketing who focuses primarily on building email lists and nurturing leads into buying customers.

Their work involves creating compelling emails and delivering them to the target audiences systematically and on time. These professionals identify the target audience, create targeted messaging, and work with email automation software to deliver emails that trigger specific responses.

The types of emails that an email marketing specialist typically sends at different stages of a campaign include:

  • Email newsletters

  • Transactional emails

  • Welcome emails

  • Dedicated emails

  • Lead nurturing emails

  • Promotional emails

  • Survey emails

  • Milestone emails

  • Abandoned cart emails

  • Re-engagement emails

After sending out various emails, the experts evaluate the responses. Using this information, they optimize their campaigns for better efficiency in email delivery and increased open rates.

By taking a well-coordinated approach to emails to target leads, the specialist helps increase brand awareness and establish the brand’s presence in the market. Ultimately, they imprint the brand’s name in the target customer’s mind.

Digital Marketing Specialist Job Description

We have talked about email marketing specialists and briefly examined their work. Here is a quick recap of their roles and responsibilities.

  • Managing email lists or databases of various customers

  • Tailoring email campaigns to increase short-term traffic

  • Promoting product landing pages through appropriate messaging and increased traffic

  • Increasing sales through conversions

  • Imprinting the brand’s name in the minds of target consumers

  • Establishing the brand’s place in the product market

Email Marketing Specialist Job Description:

Overall, an email marketing specialist has the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Responsible for managing every aspect of email campaigns (developing email content, researching the market, researching the target market, and sending out email messages)

  • Formulating campaigns for various customer segments

  • Understanding the user journey and tweaking the email campaigns to address the customer pain points

  • Collaborating with content creators and designers to develop compelling email copy carrying the desired message in the simplest language

  • Revising and optimizing existing campaigns

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of campaigns

Why an Email Marketing Specialist is a Crucial Investment

You probably already know that email marketing has immense potential that could transform your business and accelerate its growth.

However, that knowledge may not be valuable without the requisite expertise to execute effective email marketing strategies.

Thankfully, you can get an email marketing specialist to help. Here is what makes them such a valuable asset for any business.

  1. An Email Marketing Specialist Can Deliver ROI Quickly

    Suppose you already have a database of customers or an email list and are yet to realize the full potential of email marketing in your business. In this circumstance, the skills and experience of a specialist can come in handy.

    Juggling email marketing with running your business can be hectic. Usually, it can mean taking a lukewarm approach to email marketing and leaving a lot of potential untapped.

    Hiring an email marketing specialist can mean having a team of experienced professionals dedicated to email marketing—upselling, cross-selling, reducing churn among your customers, and accelerating the realization of ROI (Return on Investment).

  2. They Have Real-World Experience in Email Marketing

    Email marketing specialists practice email marketing regularly. This gives them a wealth of real-world experience, giving them an edge over anyone who practices it only occasionally.

    And if you are busy running your business, you will most certainly be on the side of those practicing email marketing only occasionally.

    Therefore, hiring a specialist can be an excellent way to let everyone do what they do best—you focus on running your business while the email consultant identifies opportunities in your online marketing strategy and helps turn them into growth.

    The more years of email marketing experience they have, the better.

  3. They Can Use Automation More Effectively To Improve Efficiency

    One thing that makes email marketing specialists so competent at their work is their effective use of automation.

    Unlike any business, these professionals have access to specialized tools they use daily to implement automated workflows that save time and improve efficiency.

    They can set up triggered emails based on customer actions, such as welcome emails, abandoned cart reminders, and post-purchase follow-ups. These automated processes enable relevant communication to reach customers on time and with the right messages.

    This way, automation helps streamline the entire email marketing process. This makes the strategy more effective and maximizes the rewards for your efforts.

  4. A Specialist Can Identify the Right Email Marketing Solutions Quickly

    Finding the tech stack that makes the most sense to your business can take lots of time and money if you don’t know where to look and how to narrow down to a small list of the most relevant options.

    Unless you have weeks to spend researching and countless amounts of cash to put into consultations while trying to find the latest solutions in your industry, you’ll want to take a different route.

    Since email marketing specialists work with tools daily, they are updated with industry trends. So they will know which platforms represent the best value for a business like yours.

    Such exclusive knowledge can save you time and money and help you roll out your campaigns at the most appropriate time.

  5. They Bring Deep Knowledge of Your Customers and Industry to the Table

    This may sound like a cliché, but it is the truth: the more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them. Serve customers well, and they will reward you with their money.

    At the top of the sales funnel, the service could be a special offer or a simple video in the welcome email explaining your process.

    Besides, where better to establish a bond with your new customer than the welcome email, which boasts a 42% higher read rate than the average marketing email?

    Now, here’s the catch: you must know the customer to send them relevant content or offers that they will find helpful. But then, how much do you really know about your customers?

    Probably not much. But ask an email marketing specialist the same question, and the answer will be different.

    An experienced specialist will likely have deep knowledge of the customers in your industry from previous dealings with businesses like yours. They can combine that knowledge with their vast industry experience to communicate timely and relevant messages to your customers and put your business ahead of the competition.

  6. A Specialist Can Segment Your Email Lists More Effectively

    Email marketing segmentation is about defining your customer personas more accurately and creating content that is certain to convert them into buying customers.

    Marketing emails are not the space to send the same message to everyone. Instead, you want a shotgun approach that makes everyone feel the email has been crafted specifically for them. Do this, and 88% of the recipients will likely respond favorably.

    Additionally, SuperOffice established in an experiment that segmented emails will likely garner up to 38% CTR (click-through rate) and a whopping 94% open rate.

    Compare these stats to the 4.5% CTR and 42% open rate of a non-segmented email campaign, and you begin to see how crucial segmentation is to a successful campaign.

    Furthermore, you can expect up to a 760% increase in revenue when you segment your email campaigns.

    Overall, these are all benefits you will likely realize from working with an experienced email marketing specialist.

  7. They Can Personalize Campaigns Better Based on Experience and Expertise

    Email personalization is the second most effective email marketing tactic after list segmentation.

    Actually, injecting little to no personalization in your emails can be a nice way to annoy up to 10% of your target customers.

    But you can easily escape your customers’ wrath with a little help from an email marketing specialist. These professionals are able to use data across various customer categories to segment your business’s email lists and deliver personalized marketing materials across various touch points.

    Such email content can do an excellent job of speaking directly to the users’ biggest concerns, pain points, and needs.

    All of this starts with segmenting the subscriber list based on criteria such as demographics, purchase history, and interests. The email marketing expert then crafts tailored email campaigns designed to resonate with the respective audience segment, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

  8. A specialist can Increase Customer Engagement and Retention

    If you wish to stay in business for the long term, you must engage and retain as many customers as you can acquire.

    Notice that existing customers are 60-70% more likely to buy from you versus a 5-20% likelihood of a new customer buying from your business. So should you focus more on acquiring new customers or retaining existing ones?

    An experienced email marketing expert can provide the leg up you need to retain customers and reduce churn.

    The email marketing professional understands and is experienced in building strong relationships with customers. You can depend on them to create compelling email content, including newsletters, product updates, and promotions, which keeps subscribers interested and encourages repeat business.

    By nurturing customer relationships, an email marketing specialist can go a long way in increasing customer loyalty and retention rates.

  9. They Can Increase ROI by Optimizing and Improving Email Campaigns

    Email marketing specialists track and analyze key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and ROI.

    With these signals, they can identify areas for improvement and optimize future campaigns for better performance.

    An experienced email marketing specialist will use email marketing solutions and analytics tools to gain insights into campaign performance. They monitor and analyze data, allowing them to eliminate guesswork in their methods and make data-driven decisions that yield measurable results.

    Their ongoing performance monitoring and campaign optimization means they can guarantee continuous improvement that translates to increasing ROI.

Email Marketing Specialist Salary

Like any profession, email marketing practice attracts different salaries in different locations. An email marketing specialist’s salary can vary based on experience, organization, and industry.

Nonetheless, Glassdoor estimates the average salary of these digital marketers to be $57,103 per year in the continental United States. An email marketing specialist’s estimated total pay, according to Glassdoor, is $61,090 per year.

Should You Hire An Email Marketing Specialist?

You might be familiar with various email marketing platforms. You could even have a pretty good grasp of the email marketing language. However, should you run your own email marketing campaigns?

The truth is, you can run your email campaigns if you choose to. But you shouldn’t. Combining industry knowledge with customer experience to optimize email ROI is something best left to the professionals…unless you are not looking to reap the maximum ROI from your email lists.

Final Take on Why Email Marketing Specialist Is a Crucial Investment

There you have it. An email marketing specialist brings expertise, strategic thinking, and technical skills to optimize your email marketing efforts.

We have pointed out that their ability to deliver ROI quickly, identify the right tech stack, implement automated workflows, and segment and personalize your email campaigns contributes significantly to the success of your email marketing initiatives.

In subsequent posts, we continue to delve deeper into the value of email marketing and how you can leverage its massive potential to grow your business.

Want your email marketing campaigns to deliver higher engagement, improved conversions, and increased customer loyalty? Ready to kick your email marketing ROI into a higher gear? Schedule a free call with a specialist to discuss a suitable strategy.