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Comparison of 5 Ecommerce Platforms for Small Business

Traditionally, most buying and selling was done in person in a brick and mortar store. But today’s increasingly digitalized age has caused a significant shift from an in-store to an online shopping experience.

Choosing a Crowdfunding Platform

Choosing a crowdfunding platform that’s best for your campaign is no small task since popular platforms may appear identical, but that impression dissipates upon further examination.

Data Security: Do I Need an SSL Certificate?

Image with an icon that shows a computer screen with a chain and lock around it.

The potential need for an SSL Certificate is an important consideration for any website that handles visitor information in order to protect it and assure visitors that their sensitive data is being sent to the correct source rather than to a criminal enterprise.

Intro to Payment Gateways for Your Crowdfunding Site

How to determine the best Payment Gateways for your Crowdfunding Site including discussion of “all-or-nothing” and “partial credit” models and comparisons of payment service providers WePay, Balanced and PayPal.

Will Your New Ecommerce Business Span the Cyber Globe?

Discussion of the planning process for analyzing targeted online customers and the potential geographic scope of an E-Commerce business including considerations of geography, demographics and socio-economics, as well as payment and shipping issues abroad.