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3 Examples of Using LESS for Efficient CSS

3 Examples of dynamic style sheet language and precompiler LESS for shorter & more efficient CSS coding of Nesting, Variables & Mixins with Variables.

Comparison of 5 Ecommerce Platforms for Small Business

Traditionally, most buying and selling was done in person in a brick and mortar store. But today’s increasingly digitalized age has caused a significant shift from an in-store to an online shopping experience.

Scalable Vector Graphics Growing Into the Standard

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) was developed in 1999 as an open standard for the web but is increasingly used due to responsive design, viewports, web animation and Retina type displays.

Why Your Small Business Needs a Web Based Database

Image Icons of database pictures wth a cloud icon in the middle.

Website Database Applications & Open Source Software provide Small Businesses with opportunities to efficiently and effectively maintain information management systems online instead of on a single location system or as space eating paper documents in file cabinets.

3 Reasons to Consider the LAMP Solution Stack

Photograph of a variety of lamps.

Three Bottom Line Reasons to Consider the LAMP Solution Stack including an explanation of LAMP, a discussion of its open source nature and the advantages of the absence of vendor lock in.

What a $7 Million Investment Says About Symfony

An analysis of the $7 Million investment into SensioLabs by CM-CIC Capital Privé and what such means for the future of Symfony both abroad and in the United States.