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Product Design Defined

Every great product starts with a vision in someone’s head, an idea still in it’s infancy and incomplete, but it’s enough to intrigue the mind and make someone want to know more and explore further.

These visions can come from anyone. They can happen anytime, in any place. However, coming up with compelling, transformative ideas is incredibly hard. Even harder is the process of bringing that idea to life. That’s where Endertech’s Product Designers come in.

Our responsibility is clear. Understand that vision. Define that vision. Create value through ideation while making sure we preserve all the purpose and intent so that the people who come to use this product also see that vision and can easily resolve this in their minds. Identify the business value behind every decision. Understand the relationships and connections between people, your business and company culture. Solve pre-identified user needs. Craft the user’s experience with the product. Add beauty to the experience through elegant use of color and design techniques. Test. Optimize. Launch the product. Capture and analyze the results.

I hope none of this sounds simple or simplistic. Product design is neither. Product design is the process of identifying, investigating and validating any kind of problem, then working to craft, design, test and ship solutions that meet your business goals. This is how a transformative idea builds from an idea into a product.

The first thing you need to understand is that Product Design isn’t about aesthetics, it’s about people.

Design is fundamentally about problem solving. Unlike art, aesthetics (visual or otherwise) in design does not stand alone, but are a means to an end. As Product Designers we are specifically concerned with the experience of products (though the definition of “product” is itself extremely broad). Though visuals are the most visible facet of a product a designer is concerned with, our reach extends into any aspect of the product that directly affects its users.

Endertech’s design emphasizes Form & Function. None of this is to say our designers are not artists, and that design cannot be beautiful. Truly good design  combines and balances beauty and utility. Our design’s beauty addresses the relationship between the product and their audience. For us, beautiful design is about passion and a love for our craft. It’s also our way of showing our client’s that we understand and respect what they want to achieve.

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