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E-Commerce Marketing and Remarketing - the Answer to Cart Abandonment

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Two-thirds of all e-commerce shopping carts are abandoned.  That is, online customers select items for purchase but do not actually complete the purchase.  Billions of dollars in potential sales are lost every year as a result.  However, there are effective methods to combat cart abandonment.  Intelligent marketing and remarketing programs encourage customers to stay with or return to their cart.

Recognize that any number of reasons could explain why a customer might abandon an online shopping cart with one or more items in it.  Some reasons are outside the vendor’s control – for example, the customer may simply lose the need for the particular item(s).  However, many other reasons are within the vendor’s power to mitigate.  The savvy vendor will eliminate obstacles that stand between customers and their purchases.

It’s All About the Customer

Millions of people visit e-commerce sites on a daily basis.  Their primary motivation is to find and acquire goods.  That is, they visit e-commerce sites with the intention (or at least a predisposition) to make a purchase.  Give them what they want – an attractive product selection, good prices, and a fast and easy checkout experience – and you will earn their business.  The trick is to know your customers and design your online store to fulfill their expectations of a superior shopping experience.

Personalized In-Store Marketing

There are real advantages to doing business over the public Internet.  A wealth of customer data is available to help you personalize the individual customer’s shopping experience.  Any information you can gather regarding the demographics or the shopping behavior of the customer will help you present your products most effectively.  The products that your customer will find most desirable should be highlighted on the first page or easily findable through an intuitive navigation system.  A generic, non-personalized display of products will be less successful in keeping the customer in your store and with his cart.

Personalized Out-of-Store Remarketing

Visitors that return to your online store are much more likely to make a purchase than first-time visitors.  So it is no wonder that smart vendors use cookies to stay connected with their store’s visitors.  Advertisements that keep your brand and product offering in front of past visitors as they navigate the Internet naturally generate repeat visits and new chances to complete a sale.  Likewise, email campaigns that target past visitors can be very powerful in persuading them back to your site.

Streamline the Checkout Experience

A complicated checkout process with many steps, or one that requires a tiresome amount of data entry, will discourage customers from completing a purchase.  In 2017, customers have a lot of purchasing options.  The state of technology is such that customers have come to expect a fast, simple checkout process.  An inefficient process will drive customers away from your store to seek out a better experience elsewhere.

Consider this – in a competitive marketplace, drawing people to your e-commerce site is key.  Having appealing products at attractive prices that entice the consumer to put them in a shopping cart is also critical.  After all that effort that is necessary to produce filled shopping carts, it is certainly just as important to engage in those marketing and remarketing practices to convert those carts into real sales.

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