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Magento 2 Product Types

Magento 2

Magento 2 Product Types

Six different product types are supported in Magento 2:

  • Simple Product

  • Configurable Product

  • Grouped Product

  • VIrtual Product

  • Bundle Product

  • Downloadable Product

The product type is defined at the moment a product is first added to the catalog.

Simple Product is a tangible item with a single SKU, like a book or a board game.

Configurable Product is presented as an item with one or more distinct variations, like a T-shirt that comes in multiple sizes and colors.  Each variation (like Small-blue or Large-white) is a unique item with a unique SKU.

Grouped Product is a collection of simple and virtual products presented together for convenience.  For example, a china shop might offer a dinnerware grouped product that includes a dinner plate, a salad plate, and a bowl.  Each item in a grouped product has a unique SKU.  A customer may choose to purchase all, some, or none of the products in a grouped product.  That is, the constituent items in a grouped product are not dependent on one another, and in fact they appear in the shopping cart (and later in the order) as if they were selected individually from the catalog.  Note that Magento 2 does NOT support configurable products in group products.

Virtual Product is an intangible item, like a warranty or a membership fee.

Bundle Product has one or more item groups.  In each item group, a customer selects one simple or virtual product from a list.  For example, an electronics store might offer a computer bundle product in which a customer chooses from the CPU, the memory, the hard drive, and other accessories from a list of options.  Like the grouped product, each item in the bundle is a separate product with a unique SKU.

Downloadable Product is an item that is delivered electronically in one or more files over the Internet.  Examples include software, videos, music, and e-books.