Essential Plugins for Sketch

Maira Ahmad
Designer & Frontend Developer

Last month, I wrote about a Photo Editing Program called Sketch. These are the the best plugins you need to know ASAP when starting out with Sketch.

Must-have Starter Plugins

  • Sketch Toolbox

Helps you download any plugin(all of the below)

  • Dynamic Symbol Button

Great for Wireframes or process oriented UIs

Create one button style and insert it anywhere in your layout with any length of text

  • Icon Font (Favorite Plugin)

Helps you insert line-icons, font-awesome, and a few other icon fonts from within the “Text” tool.


– Easy to use

– You can change colors without have to change vectors, or screenshot 


– Tedious to insert multiple icons

Short Cuts

  1. Collapse all artboards (my go to as soon as I export)
  2. Shapes
    1. V (vector)
    2. O (oval)
    3. U (rounded rectangle)
    4. R (rectangle)
  3. Bring Forward, Backward, Send to front + backward
  4. A (Create an Artboard)
  5. T (Text)
  6. 0-9 (Opacity)…0=100%  1=10%
  7. Fit + Zoom
    1. Command + 0
    2. Command + 1
    3. Command + 2
  8. Hide + Lock Layer
    1. Command + Shift + L
    2. Command + Shift + H
  9. Working on a 13 inch macbook and creating desktop size
    1. Command + ‘.’

Here is a link to all shortcuts in Sketch

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