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Rebrand & Drupal 8 CMS for Doyle, the Famous New York Auction House

Los Angeles web designers for Doyle New York

Endertech is proud to announce the launch of the all new Doyle website. is Endertech’s most advanced Drupal 8 website yet:

  • Database that includes hundreds of thousands of searchable pages of past auction information

  • Powerful and well-organized CMS that puts control in the hands of Doyle’s marketing & design staff

  • Custom integration with Doyle’s in-house database that automatically feeds new auction data into     the CMS

  • Beautiful new design that implements Doyle’s brand

  • Custom integration with Doyle’s 3rd party auction platforms

  • Over a dozen Drupal 8 content types to capture the unique stories and content that Doyle produces

Endertech is truly impressed by the quality that the open source community has put into Drupal 8, and is proud to have had an opportunity to leverage this wonderful platform for a client that is equally wonderful.

Drupal 8 brings the Drupal platform firmly into 2016 and solves many of the biggest challenges of managing and deploying Drupal 7 sites.

Some Great Features of Drupal 8

  • Configuration management through an import / export mechanism lets you migrate your CMS configuration data from environment to environment

  • Composer lets you manage core library updates and dependency management.

  • The Twig templating engine renders fast and helps maintain view layer separation

  • A smart built-in page caching system help you deliver fast response times even without the benefit of Varnish

  • Views are built-in and highly configurable to enable content to be organized and presented in so many flexible ways.

  • Built-in REST web services API enables content to be exposed to apps and 3rd parties.

And so much more….

We really look forward to continuing the development of as well as our next opportunity to build a site with Drupal 8. It is such an enjoyable platform to work with and in the hands of the talented and experienced folks here at Endertech, can truly deliver what a client needs for their content rich website.

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