3 Things you can do to follow-through when you are feeling unmotivated

Noemi Quezada
Senior Developer

I’ve struggled to finish writing the article you are about to read for couple of months now; one of many times I’ve procrastinated and even failed to follow-through with something I proposed myself to do. What follows are a few tips that helped me to finally get it done. Hope they can help you too! 👍

✍️ Prepare with Intent

Prepare as if it’s your intention to follow through. A little planning and preparation can get the ball rolling. That could mean packing your gym clothes in the mornings so that you are reminded that you are going to work out in the evening, or blocking time in your calendar to schedule that blog article you’ve been meaning to write. Small actions like preparation and calendar planning can be reminders for the intentional day you want to have and influence your mind to collaborate.

🔮 Envision the Consequences

Evaluating how today’s decision might positively or negatively influence the future you can be a great motivator to follow through or reach compromise in your goals. This goes beyond creating a Pros and Cons list, but trying to imagine the emotional response future you would have if you constantly made the same decision over and over again.

Even though there’s a scientific explanation to why our brain is enticed to immediate gratification, as mentioned in this article Why Your Brain Prioritizes Instant Gratification Over Long-Term Goals, According to Science , it is important to help our mind make decisions that would benefit us in the long run.

⏰ Establish a Routine

 “Make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.”
– Elbert Hubbard

I didn’t understand the importance of self-discipline or establishing a routine until I joined my first Fitness Bootcamp. In the beginning, I was super excited and fired up to get in shape and I looked forward to every session. However, as weeks turn to months the excitement began to fade and there were many times I didn’t want to go. No matter if I prepared with intent or envisioned the consequences, I still found it difficult to get my mind to collaborate. In those moments, I relied on my routine and showed up.

- Noemi QuezadaSenior Developer | 

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