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It’s not about where you are; it’s all about who you’re with. Our team’s synergic blend of technology skills, experience, and industry know-how allows our clients to expedite customer-driven digital transformation affordably.

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“Endertech’s team is very solid. They’ve been together for a long time. I’ve worked with the same people over the last 5–6 years. There is an ease of communication — they know I need to keep it human, so we’re able to communicate with each other on a very easy basis. I also trust them.”

Owner, Art House & Design Studio
Chatsworth, CA

“Our conversion rates have improved by 50%–70%. Our website traffic has also increased by 15% — those are two metrics that we’re looking at right now.”

Digital Marketing Director, Wholesale Manufacturer
Azusa, CA

“Endertech consistently delivered top quality work with clear, honest communication. They were absolutely instrumental to the ongoing evolution and success of the product.”

Zack Avshalomov, Project Manager, United States Artists
Los Angeles, CA

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“Endertech’s project management was great. They came up with a plan of attack and stuck to the script. They kept us apprised of updates, challenges, struggles, and hurdles, and they offered constant communication and transparency.”

COO, Today’s Patio
Phoenix, AZ

“Endertech is a responsive team that values our insights and attends to our requests quickly. We can always rely on their team to address any issues that hinder the implementation process.”

Managing Member, Ashbury Systems, LLC
Los Angeles, CA

“The new platform has improved search rankings and attracted global interest, leading to easier lead generation and greater efficiency. Endertech’s technical approach was meticulous and detail-oriented. The team prioritizes open, informative communication and builds strong client relationships. They ensure their clients feel valued to a great extent”

Julie Weinhouse, HERO Entertainment Marketing
Los Angeles, CA

I have not spoken to anyone who has communicated better or understood my project and my vision more deeply than their team has. They demonstrated a deep knowledge of all the technologies we were working with and were on top of everything that needed to be changed. They were just sharper and smarter than their competition. We’ve seen an instant ROI from the updated website.”

Robert Hayes, The Hana Shirt Company
Tucson, AZ

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“Thank you again for fourteen years of great, uninterrupted service since 2005. A very, very special thanks to Sheila and Rob Olmos who learned the tangled backend and made the app run long after it should have died, and were so very patient with me, taking the time to explain the issues and potential pitfalls with an aging, unsupported system. You’re all such pros!”

Julie Weinhouse, HERO Entertainment Marketing
Los Angeles, CA

“I engaged Endertech to make my vision of a niche marketing website a reality. The team at Endertech was creative in finding solutions to accommodate my specific functionality and look and feel desires for site throughout the development stages and delivered a product beyond my initial expectations. I was “wowed” by the end result. I will be continuing to put my trust in this organization for more of their very capable consultation and services as the site launches and ramps.”

Bill Corley
Los Angeles, CA

“A big THANK YOU to Endertech for our new website! Having the staging site to practice changes before they went live was terrific. Best of all was teaching us how to update it on our own. Endertech made it all very easy for us!”

Haight Law Group
Marina Del Rey, CA

“The new site increased traffic and attracted better leads. The team is friendly and talented, making for a great partnership. They’re disciplined in their approach, so the execution is good. Everything was delivered on time and within the budget. We still work together, after more than five years, so that should tell the whole story.”

Luc Imberechts, Bakon USA Food Equipment
Los Angeles, CA

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“Very professional and easy to work with. Extremely knowledgeable, there was no question that we posed that they couldn’t readily answer. They built the entire back end for us and have continued to hold our hand as we tweak the system and look for better ways to deliver value to our clients. In my experience, it is hard to find a technically savvy company that also provides a personal touch. I would highly recommend them to anyone that requires web services”

Theodore Rosenthal
Los Angeles, CA

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