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Why Endertech

Strong Technical Chops

In a crowded field of digital agencies, Endertech delivers greater technical savvy to open up more possibilities for your online business.

Software developers are smart, creative people able to apply their intelligence and skills to a wide variety of topics.... AND they can code. You want them working for you.

While many "digital agencies" are really just marketing companies that depend on 3rd party tools and lack much technical backbone... Endertech's foundations are software engineering, Linux server administration, and web design.

These skills enable us to provide more creative, more unique, more efficient, and more technically sound solutions for all aspects of your online business, end to end.

When compared to what the average digital agency can provide, Endertech can simply provide more.


Our Areas of Expertise

Endertech has been trusted for over 20 years to provide innovative, unique, and highly functional:
    • UI / UX Design
    • Branding
    • Planning
    • Messaging
    • Shopify
    • Magento
    • Platform Migrations
    • Headless
    • Hosting
    • Troubleshooting
    • Maintenance
    • Enhancements

Ideas we've helped bring to life

A Safe Refuge
A case study showing how a custom software for small business increased productivity between multiple departments and locations.
Image of woman putting on ISC sunscreen product under the sun with a smile.
Global skincare company iSC challenges Endertech to design a stylistically cohesive ecosystem of consumer-facing, B2B, and internal websites and applications.
Woman in blue denim jacket sitting on green grass field antique.
Web Development
CA University upgrades their large content management system (cms) with Endertech Drupal Developer experience. A Drupal project.
Picture of an outdoor flower garden of pink flowers.
Learn the details behind Monrovia's Magento 2 ERP integration. A case study how a Magento Migration with ERP capability worked perfectly.
Image of a modern outdoor living space with a sofa and lounge chair.
A case that shows the benefits of an ERP Shopify Middleware using Storis to speed up business operations. eCommerce software integration.
Secure and constant data transfer through API calls used for sending registered test kits and final results to customers.
See how Endertech helped TrueMarker take advantage of technological advances that are reshaping the lab testing industry and launch its remote lab testing services.
A screenshot of some backend programming language for software development.
A computer inventory analysis system that informs entire States whether they’re ready for Common Core testing.
Image of eLearning screenshot showing a course test and answer reviews.
Web Development
Civil PE Surveying Review and Endertech work to build a custom administrative backend to manage and control the learning center.
Doyle: Auction House
When approaching Endertech, the venerable New York auction house had an established brand with a loyal client base. Their in-house design team stewards Doyle’s visual brand and produces beautiful catalogs and other printed materials. Endertech collaborated with Doyle’s designers and leadership to translate the brand seamlessly from paper to screen.

What our clients are saying

Endertech understood our vision and deployed exactly what we needed.
Endertech was honest and straightforward.
We trust that their team will always make the right decisions for us.
I measure success by virtue of the fact that our team uses the software every day.
Lisa Duque
Operations Manager
California New Business Bureau
Stephen Ramey
Today's Patio
Catherine Haight
Managing Member
Ashbury Systems, LLC
Angela Tietze
President & CEO
ECN Media

What we're thinking about

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Learn a bit about Headless E-commerce with Shopify Hydrogen. Check out one of our recent projects using this technology.
Generative Fill in Adobe Photoshop: Real-World Use Case for the New AI-Powered Tool
Adobe Software
Adobe Photoshop's new Generative Fill tool, although imperfect, feels revolutionary, capable of creating impressively detailed and convincing imagery in seconds. In this article, we recap the new feature and provide a step-by-step visual demonstration of how it can be used to enhance client-provided assets for a web design project.
The future of Magento 2 explained.
Discover what the future of Magento 2 holds for merchants and developers as Adobe pursues their vision for a microservices-based ecommerce platform.
avoid mistakes and launch
The process of developing your software product can be intimidating, frustrating, and confusing. Learn how Endertech makes it an approachable, exciting, and engaging process instead.
Storis and Shopify
Do you run a furniture business that utilizes the STORIS ERP? Are you interested in using Shopify as your e-commerce platform? You can integrate the two via API and we know how! Learn more here.
Over the years I've learned the value of intentional, methodical choices as they relate to long-term business growth. More than ever, I supplement my intuition with process... and as a result, Endertech's growth has accelerated, and so can yours!
Endertech exposes its first "Fundamental Behavior of HIgh Performing Culture". Join us on the journey of building an amazingly creative and helpful team of web & software developers in Los Angeles.
This is a series of articles about Endertech's Fundamental Behaviors of Success, a set of 24 behaviors that we believe are crucial to maintaining and expanding our high performing culture. Learn what it means to become a expert at Endertech, as we explore what it means to, "Master Your Craft".