Web App Modernization Company

Keep Your Web Application Up to Date!

    Web applications need continual modernization.

    The technology they depend on evolves and older versions become unsupported.
    That puts your software at greater risk.

    Web App Areas For Modernizing:

    Web apps are composed of several layers and all of them need to be maintained and modernized. Without doing so an app can be at greater risk of security issues or losing accessibility.

    Keeping a web app modern can help user satisfaction & drive growth.

    Examples we’ve performed:

    • Newer version of the underlying framework for cheaper app evolution
    • Improved the programming language for security and performance
    • Analyzing and evolving the database schema for greater demand
    • Design and user experience so the site operates smoothly on the latest devices
    • The operating system and libraries that are depended on for greater security
    • Among many others

    Making The Inaccessible Now Web-Accessible:

    Some applications still aren’t web-accessible. That can be a problem for companies with remote staff or wanting to give clients more abilities, such as B2B sales.

    Modernizing a web app help your business feel modern & increase sales.

    Examples we’ve performed:

    • Internal Excel spreadsheets to a modern website that clients can interact with
    • Legacy abandoned projects to modern maintained applications
    • Legacy Flash to Javascript & HTML5 for multiple-platform accessibility
    • Ad-hoc javascript to React for desktop application feel and responsiveness
    • Website rebranding or responsive redesign for mobile devices
    • Among many others

    Web App Modernizations We’ve Performed:

    Symfony 1 Symfony 2 Symfony 3 & 4

    Woo Commerce Magento

    Magento Shopify / Shopify Magento

    Custom Framework  Symfony

    Magento 1 Magento 2

    Insecure Site Secure Site

    Zend Framework Symfony

    PHP4 PHP5 PHP7

    Manual Process Automated

    Advantages of modernizing a web application:

    Improved security

    new functionalities

    reduced cost

    better support

    faster performance

    “If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It”

    Our Three Step Process

    1. Create a plan

    You’ll meet with us to discuss the goals you have with your Web App. A full understanding of your operational needs, marketing plan, goals and vision for your growth is essential in order to deliver the creative, custom solution that ensures success.

    We’ll develop a plan to deliver an excellent user experience, integrated with your backend systems, and aid your marketing initiatives.

    2. Design & Develop

    Now that we’re clear on your business’s objectives, design solutions are put in place to support your frontend visuals and backend logistics. As the development process begins, you’ll be kept informed along the way with status updates and thorough communication.

    3. Launch support

    Your Web App is ready for takeoff! We’ll handle the technical side of ensuring set up is smooth with minimal to no downtime. You will have our guidance, support, and feedback after your project is complete to ensure your business grows seamlessly and you can continue to reach your conversion goals.