Get Your Own Crowdfunding Platform

What is a crowdfunding platform?

A crowdfunding platform is a piece of web-based software that enables you to operate your own crowdfunding site.

This means that you or your organization can create projects, or support others who create projects, and then promote those project pages to potential donors who can contribute towards the projects’ funding goals.

A project can be anything fundable;  there are no limits! The flexibility of our platform lets you get a lot done right out of the gate, and, if you have very special requirements, we can customize the platform for you in any way you can imagine.

What is a white-label crowdfunding platform?

Our platform is white-label, meaning, you can brand it as your own, and can control its rules.

Endertech has developed crowdfunding site foundations, upon which you can design and configure your own branded platform. What this means is that you can avoid the time and cost involved in building a crowdfunding platform from scratch, and go live much sooner with a solid and tested platform.

We are completely behind-the-scenes providing you all the technical support you need. We set up the platform, we host it, and if you need something beyond what comes out of the box, we can customize it for you.

You don’t have to make any major investment in the software nor do you have to be concerned with the technical side of things… that’s our job, and you can focus on your projects and campaigners.

How much does your white-label crowdfunding platform cost?

There are two primary fees involved, the fees for us to host & maintain your platform, and the fees to configure and/or customize the platform for your specific needs.

Our standard hosting & maintenance fee is $249/mo. This is for a single-server solution that will satisfy most needs. If you are representing a major organization and expect a lot of traffic, clustered hosting solutions are available as well for additional fees.

The fee to configure & customize the platform for your specific needs will depend on the details. Endertech is a full-service web design & development shop with over 14 years of experience designing and developing custom applications.

We can assist your organization in all phases of the project, from initial concepts and strategy, all the way through design, build, test, deploy, and support. Contact us to discuss your project in detail and receive a proposal.

What features can I expect from your crowdfunding platform?

All the essentials of course, like a CMS for you and/or your users to create projects, nicely laid out project list and details pages. An ability for campaigners and donors to register. Both guest and registered user contributions.

A dashboard for campaigners and donors to view the status of their accounts and projects. Social sharing features for projects. Perks that can be offered for different levels of contribution. An administrative interface to view and manage status across the entire site.

Payment processing integration with PayPal and direct credit card contributions through Balanced Payments. Automated distribution of funds according to project rules, “Keep it All” or “All or Nothing”. Media management for project images and video… and lots more.

How do I get a demo? How do I get started?

Just give us a call! We’ll be happy to show you example sites that are currently live, tour you through their interfaces, and brainstorm the options for your crowdfunding site.

If you would like to visit a nice example of what software we write can do, please visit

Here is our case study on the project, and here is a link to the site itself.